Firefox 3

Firefox getting a bit sluggish for you? Try switching to beta 5 of Firefox 3.
It’s got a lot of new features, none of which I tried yet, but… and it’s a big but, it’s faster. No really faster, a lot faster. I keep dozens of tabs open all the time and all of a sudden switching between them is fast again, real snappy. And page refreshes feel a lot faster too. And it uses a lot less memory as well.

– If you need Java support (like for our company’s ERP system), stay away from it.
– Need a working plugin for Firefox 3? Get it here.

Ich Wollt Ich Wär Ein Huhn

Yep, it’s monday.

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Ubuntu countdown

Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 splash
3 more days before Hardy Heron, aka 8.04 is released, and I’m looking forward to it. This is another LTS (long term support) release, meaning it’ll receive security updates for the next 5 years.
I’ll be tinkering with it on a spare pc to see if it’s got the goods to sway me away from the alternatives. I haven’t seen a conclusive list of everything new, but there are enough bits and pieces around the web to make me interested.

Soul Calibur IV trailer

Soul Calibur IV
There’s a new trailer, and it’s looking gorgeous. I must say I find the whole Star Wars stuff very intrusive now they even have levels from the SW universe. It’s Soul Calibur, not Masters of Teräs Käsi crap.

Coffee, it’s good for your skin too

Roasted coffee beans
New research seems to indicate that drinking coffee helps your skin bounce back better healing cells that have been damaged by the sunlight.
One more reason why drinking coffee is good. As if we needed another excuse.

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New look

It’s still plain vanilla, so there’s a lot to be updated, changed and modified. The author bit on the right is hardcoded so I can’t change it until I get home.
Let me know if there’s anything b0rked. At least the feeds are working again.

It’s Monday

Have a coffee.

Brilliant weekend, went to the circus, went to a birthday and went out for a drive through the Limburg countryside and a walk in Valkenburg. Piccies to be added.

Upgrade or else?

According to this post everyone HAS to keep updating WordPress to the latest version, because otherwise you risk getting hacked. Which is sound advice, but… on the other hand, why? I did upgrade to 2.5 and I think it’s a big step in the wrong direction. I don’t like the admin panel, with a new dashboard where you can’t add or remove anything without adding a plugin for that because they seem to have forgotten to implement it. With an advanced media manager whose advanced options I don’t like. Oh, and you can now select if you want to left or right align a picture. For which it adds some css. Which doesn’t work here. Which is why I can still add my own align=”left”. Or with a new widget interface, which was once meant as a simple system so newbies could drag and drop and tweak their look without having to know any code. Except the drag and drop is now gone. And so is the feature that you could remove a widget and it would still remember its settings so if you dragged a text widget from one bar to another the text would still be there. And gone is gzip as an option because according to ‘them’ we don’t need it.
And so on and so forth. So I don’t like this ‘you HAVE to update or risk death’ because I don’t want to HAVE to upgrade and lose features and ease of use. Everywhere you can read about people who hate 2.5 and rolled back to 2.3.3. Which is good for now, but undoubtedly soon there are going to be exploits discovered for it, which can only be ‘fixed’ by upgrading.
I’m posting this in 2.5 so I can’t roll back without at least losing this and a few recent posts. I’m still contemplating it. If someone decides to fork 2.3.3 I might.

Apple sues New York City

over trademark infringement for the design of NY’s GreeNYC campaign logo. Me thinks Apple missed April fools day by a few days.

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Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.