Remember polaroids? Now you can easily mess up your high quality digital pictures giving them that old shoebox look by running them through Poladroid;
1 – Download and install Poladroid
2 – Run the program and drop a picture on the camera.
3 – Wave the picture frantically about in true polaroid style to ‘develop’ it.
And tada, your own old looking / weird lighting picture is done. Here’s a movie if you want to see it in action.
For now it’s OsX only but a Windows version is in the making.


As promised some pics of the first snow here in the Netherlands last night.

Rosario + Vampire Capu 2 – ep 1 & Characters

Rosario + Vampire Capu 2
Episode 1 / 13 – Reunion + Vampire
Release Date: October 2, 2008
Genre: Harem, Fantasy, Romantic Comedy, Action
Story By: Akihisa Ikeda
Licensed By: Capcom King Records

Overview of Last Season Rosario + Vampire

Tsukune Aono who is unable to get into any private schools due to his less than perfect grades.
When he is finally accepted into one he quickly finds out that his school, Yokai Academy, is a school of supernatural monsters disguised as humans. For his life’s sake he hides the fact that he is human. He meets several Yokai who turn his life upside down. Among one of them is Moka Akashiya – a beautiful young vampire who has one side that is innocent and delightful and the other harsh and arrogant. Only when the rosary and seal around Moka’s neck is removed is her colder yet unusually strong side revealed as it is her true nature and form as a vampire.

Throughout the season, Tsukune is faced with many different challenges. Most notably, his challenge of telling his new found precious friends that he is human.

Chronological Order of Last Seasons Episodes

1. “New Life & Vampire” – January 3 2008
2. “Succubus & Vampire” – January 10 2008
3. “Witch Girl & Vampire” – Jaunary 17 2008
4. “Goodbye & Vampire” – January 24 2008
5. “School Swimsuit & Vampire” – January 31 2008
6. “Newsclub & Vampire” – February 7 2008
7. “Yuki-onna & Vampire”- February 14 2008
8. “Math & Vampire” – February 21 2006
9. “Summer Vacation & Vampire” – February 28 2008
10. “Sunflower & Vampire” March 6 2008
11. “New Semester & Vampire” March 13 2008
12. “Public Safety Commission & Vampire” March 20 2008
13. “Tsukune & Vampire” March 27 2008


Moka Akashiya
Species: Vampire
Age: 16
Personality: The upbeat and sweetly innocent female protagnonist whose beauty and charm attracts many male and female students at Yokai Academy. Initially weary of humans due to her vampiric nature, Tsukune’s revelation to her that he is human was quite a shock but it did not hamper their special friendship. Throughout the first series, even when Moka was her true vampire self, she shields Tsukune from attacks and even gives him her blood to live again in episode 13 – “Tsukune & Vampire” – of the last series. Her infatuation lies with Tsukune and he reciprocates by nurishing Moka with his blood without resistance.
Weaknesses: Water and silver crosses
Strengths: Super speed, agility and strength.
Voiced By: Nana Mizuki (Love Hina, Full Metal Alchemist, Itazura Na Kiss)

Tsukune Aono
Species: Human
Age: 16
Personality: Tsukune passes with flying colours as a gentleman, being kind and polite but the constant hounding of his female ‘precious friends’ causes his mind to wander from time to time. He is quick to forgive and forget especially those precious friends who at one time tried to kill him and Moka. Though Tsukune has no special powers to speak of now he puts himself in harm’s way to protect his friends. For that reason, he is revered highly and even enviously by many.
In the last season, his humanity was revealed to his other friends Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore. Even with this being known, they all aide Moka in saving Tsukune’s life.
Weaknesses: Anything that could be considered fatal to any human.
Strengths: None to speak of but a few characteristics stand out – forgiveness and compassion
Voiced By: Daisuke Kishio (Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino, Vampire Knight, Inuyasha)

Kurumu Kurono
Species: Succubus
Age: 16
Personality: Kurumu is a typical flirt. She flaunts her largest asset (her breasts) and does nearly everything in her succubus abilities to win over Tsukune. As a succubus, she has the ability to win over men with love potions and by her mesmerizing gaze. Initially, she mesmerizes Tsukune into loving her but by the end of episode two of last season she felt it best to win over Tsukune without cheating. While still deeply attracted to Tsukune, she has hopes to win him over with one kiss that will forever make him her king.
Weaknesses: Lack of combat skills.
Strengths: Her bat like wings, long nails and demon tail when she is in her succubus form she has the strength to carry people while flying. She can also cut down trees with her extraordinarily long nails. She is also able to mesmerize people with illusions.
Voiced By: Misato Fukuen (Devil May Cry, Strike Withces, Soul Eater)

Yukari Sendo
Species: Witch
Age: 12
Personality: Yukari is Yokai Academy’s child prodigy and the top of her class. In the beginning, her childish arrogance and play made her the envy of her classmates. In the beginning, her crush was on the tall and beautiful Moka but eventually her feelings gave over to Tsukune as he defended her from the classmates who tried to hurt her for being smart and a witch.
Weaknesses: Without her wand, she is unable to cast spells
Strengths: Her most common spell is to call upon pots and pans to crash down on people. When she combines her strengths with witch friend Ruby Tojo, their power is nearly unstoppable.
Voiced By: Kimiko Koyama (Ai Yori Aoshi, Happy Lesson, Negima!)

Mizore Shirayuki
Species: Yuki Onna/ Snow Woman
Age: 16
Personality: Much like the description of Japanese Folklore, Mizore is very pale and has a serene gaze. Yet her eyes and aura will become terrifying when provoked or angered. She is generally shy and watches her beloved Tsukune from a distance but when around him, her feelings are made obvious. Sometimes her unexpected appearances will be called stalking by others. She skips classes and doesn’t appear in obvious places. Her heart warms up to the others by the end last season’s of episode eight.
Weaknesses: N/A
Strengths: Manipulating and summoning ice at will. She is also able to make ice clones of herself when in a deeply aggitated state.
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya (Loveles, Trinity Blood, Astro Boy)

Ruby Tojo
Species: Witch
Age: 20
Personality: Ruby first met Yukari in episode nine. As a fellow witch, Ruby tried to persuade Yukari into staying with her on the Witches Hill. Ruby’s darkside appeared when she felt others were threatening her, her master and the Sunflower Hill. When Tsukune and the others revealed that her master was conguered in Ruby’s state of extreme loneliness, they asked her to be their friend. Ruby is an unusually powerful witch with many spells up her sleeve. By the next season, Ruby becomes a school aide. She isn’t a very predominant character throughout the series.
Weaknesses: Like Yukari, without her wand she can’t do much.
Strengths: Summoning killer plants and explosions
Voiced By: N/A

Review episode 1 – Reunion + Vampire:

It is finally time to go back to school after two weeks of spring break and Tsukune is dearly missing his precious friends, especially Moka. At the place Tsukune first met Moka, he literally runs into a bad tempered pig-tailed red head who takes a liking to Tsukune’s blood. Or rather, she ran over him with her bike and declares that he is a pervert. That aside, Tsukune meets up with Mizore, Yukari and Moka. All of whom have been swamped by confessional fan letters from the freshmen. One strange letter in particular addressed to Moka rubs them the wrong way. It reads –
” To My Dearest Moka onnesama – Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. And then this spring I will be able to see you… and my heart is filled with emotion. By the way, I will arrive on the day of the school entrance ceremony… and take your life”
Moka is filled with terror as well as the others. Throughout that day, Moka is giving many of those strange letters by the same person. On the day of the entrance ceremony, the nastily tempered redhead picks a fight with two of her superiors and Moka’s true vampire self is awoken to break it up. Once Moka is back to her more gentle side, the redheaded girl appears again and professes that she is the one to take Moka’s life. Shockingly enough, the redheaded girl is Moka’s little vampire sister Kokoa Shuzen.

Introduction of New Character

Kokoa Shuzen
Species: Vampire
Age: 15
Personality: A pugnacious and ill tempered vampire who possesses nearly the same strength as her sister Moka.
Weaknesses: N/A
Strengths: Speed, agility and super strength
Voiced By: Chiwa Saito (Hell Girl, Lucky Star, Allison & Lillia)

Episode 1 screenshots:

My top 10 of favorite albums

Having listened to so much different music I’ve always ducked out of those blog meme’s where people tag you to make a top 10 list, it’s just not something I can shake out of my sleeve that quickly. This needs careful consideration and pondering. I don’t just want to grab the 10 albums I’m listening to the most at the moment, for it to be a real top 10 of my all time favorite albums I need to think long hard and include some music I might not have listened to in years but has still been influential. So here we are at last, my top 10 of all time favorite albums, maybe slightly colored by my current taste after all, but as complete as it’ll ever be.
Read more…

Transparent MacBook

Star Trek

I’m no Trekkie so I don’t really care too much about how accurate this’ll be, but despite my usual dislike of prequels this is one I’ll want to see if this trailer is anything to go by.

LIFE photo archive

Thanks to Google 10 million photos of the LIFE photo archive are now viewable online. It’s easily searchable and the pics date back to the 1750s.
Too bad about the watermark on the full size versions.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Console: Nintendo DS
Developer: Square Enix
No. of Players: 1- 4 (Multi-player Wireless Connection)
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Release Date: March 21, 2008 (Europe), March 11, 2008 (U.S.), August 23, 2007 (Japan)
Rating: E/+10 – Fantasy Violence


In a small quaint village of the Veo Lu Highlands lived various members of tribes in harmony. A bird-like yuke, a sweetly childish alchemist of Lilty and a devoted father of two twins named Yuri and Chelinka. Together, the twins wielded an mysterious and binding power that their father taught them to harness. One dreadful night, when the moon rose a blood red, their serene lifestyle was torn a part. The story truly begins here as the brave young twins venture out to seek answers and justice.

Presentation – 8/10

I would love to say that the story was genuinely fulfulling but my palette was left with dull colours by the time I reached the end of the game. One could argue and say the need for ‘more’ meant that it was presented well but I think my need for ‘more’ was mostly on the notion that I had been spoiled by previous Final Fantasy games in sense of quantity and an in depth story line. I was stunned by the 3D CG but there weren’t as many villages or other places to visit as I would’ve liked.

Sound – 9.5/10

Close your eyes and think of the adjective ethereous. The opening main screen theme was magical and midst playing the sound and music set the mood. It was very well done and I honestly haven’t anything bad to say about it. There wasn’t a recognizable song or theme to tell you ‘this is Final Fantasy – Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates’. It was more like the subtle fluidity of Final Fantasy’s origins. Back in those days, the franchise didn’t need a pre-eminent song due to its masterful gameplay.

Control – 7/10

While adventuring, you have the advantage of toogling from one party member to the next depending on the obstacle or boss difficulty. While most of the time this could be seen as a good thing, it became increasingly frustrating when my other AI party members were unresponsive during battle or when I would try to reach a hard to get treasure chest. Other than that, the control options were smooth and easy to pick up.

Gameplay – 8/10

There are two modes to choose from – Story Mode and Multiplay Mode. Story Mode is only for single playing. You can toggle from one character to the next as you fight your way onto the next adventure. In Multiplay Mode you and up to four other people are able to create your own character. There are many different ways to play in this mode. There is also a side mode called Moogles, where you can receive Moogle Stamps, paint your own Moogle and trade moogles between friends. The gameplay is also much like FFX-2 where it becomes a hack’em ‘n slash’em thing. For those who enjoy that type of RPG play instead of the strategical turn waiting, it meets nearly all your expectations.

Graphics – 8.5/10

The CG is absolutely staggering. Over the years, Final Fantasy has dabbled with several different artistic representations of their games. Crystal Chronicles likens itself most to FFIX in the sense of an almost childlike/cartoony approach. The cutscenes are short and for the sake of the story I would have enjoyed more of them.

Final Score – 8.2

Crystal Chronicles was fun and hard to put down once I got into the game. There were a few things that upset me but even with those frustrations I would still say it’s a game to look into. I still have yet to enjoy it’s said vast wonders of Multiplayer.

Looking for a WordPress Search plugin

Does anybody know of a WordPress plugin that makes it possible to search across multiple WordPress blogs with one search request? I’m running several installations here (like this one and the Triforce one) that all run from the same database, and it’d be great to have a way to search the content of all of them at once.

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Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.