Ikea for iPhone app

Ikea finally made an app for the iPhone. And it’s free.
That concludes the good news. The bad news is that it sucks in every way possible.
First of all, after you download the app and start it for the first time it says you first need to download a catalogue, which for the Netherlands is almost 60MB. I knew we were off on the wrong foot here. And it went downhill further. What you get is basically a glorified pdf viewer dressed up as an app. But with added functionality, you can click on the + next to products to se product information… yay… except that rarely works and most often you get an error page as demonstrated in the screenshots telling you the product information is not available.
So yeah, epic fail for Ikea, hopefully they’ll learn and eventually make a better version than this heap of crap.

Downhill or uphill

It doesn’t make sense when people say ‘things go downhill’ because they mean things get worse. Shouldn’t that be uphill though, as in an uphill struggle?
Please observe the above picture for easy reference.
Now, discuss!

(kindly note, the author of this masterpiece might be slightly affected due to a flu fever at the time of posting this)

Hilarious Muppet Show bloopers?

I came across this Beaker video on Youtube and just had to share it…

Some people really have too much time on their hands.
This one however, classic Bleaker goodness:

Kingdom Conquest

Well hello stranger, where have you been so long. Out of nowhere Sega jumps on the iPhone bandwagon with a fresh new game, not a Sonic rehash, not Mega Drive classic port like Phantasy Star or Golden Axe, but a new game. And free too. Well freemium technically, but they’ve done it right. Unlike others Sega doesn’t actually let you cheat with their in game purchases or block you from unlocking any content unless you spend cold hard cash. So for all intents and purposes this really is free.

And it’s wonderful. It’s an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) where you have to build your kingdom, expand your territory, group with others in real time dungeons to defeat baddies and build up your monster army to fight in tactical combat. And there’s quests too.

Build your city, gather resources, research & train monsters.

Expand your territory, forge alliances and attack other players.

Unlock new monsters, train them and level them by attacking neighbouring lands.

No screenshot of the realtime battle, I already blew out my 5 daily tries before realizing I wanted to post about this. :D
It’s free, what are you waiting for? Get it!

And thank you Sega! Now make a new console please.


Textorizer is a program that allows you to make pictures formed with text.

It definitely takes some getting used to and lots of experimenting, but the results could be interesting, especially when mixed with some good old Photoshopping.

Another day you’ll never forget?

Really Steve? The Beatles catalogue on iTunes is a day I’ll never forget?
Maybe I’ll never forget it as the lamest most overhyped Apple announcement that left me totally unimpressed and disappointed.
How about going back to making spectacular announcements when you actually have something spectacular to present. Because this shit is getting old.
Maybe it’s a day YOU’ll never forget because it took you a bloody decade to get them to sign up, but for the rest of us… either we already have their music in mp3 or cd format, or we simply don’t care.

Applying Descartes to the modern world

Today my wife used DescartesDiscourse on the method‘s building metaphor to explain to her philosophy teacher why Microsoft sucks and Apple rocks.
Intellectual geekyness at its finest. I’m proud.


Enthousiasmeren is a word I hate. It’s not even a word as far as I’m concerned.
It means ‘to make people enthusiastic about something’. In Dutch. The problem is, the word didn’t exist until a few years ago and now it’s being thrown around left and right. I hate buzzwords with a passion. Am I the only one?

29 feed subscribers?

So I signed up to FeedBurner last week, Google’s feed statistics and optimization tool, basically because I never got round to it in the past and to see if I had any RSS subscribers. Much to my surprise it says I have an average of 29 subscribers. Say what? I knew there’d probably be one or two because it also counts things like Live Bookmarks, but 29?! So yeah, if you’re one of them; hi. And thanks for subscribing. :)

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.