Subscribing to an Anime Magazine for the Anime No0b

Let’s say you’re new to the anime world, it’s ok we all were at some point in time no need to be embarrassed, and you want to increase your knowledge and collection of anime. You don’t exactly have a genre to call your own yet, and don’t want to sound like the no0b on every online forum you go to—although everyone here at X’s is very nice. If you’re not like the few Americans, Europeans or Martians that have an all anime network (i.e. Anime Network) you’re most likely stuck with a crappy selection of anime (i.e. Cartoon Network, although they have improved). You’ve tried going online, but there is just so much to choose from and you can’t decide what to try first. While forums like this one would surely give you a helping hand, you want something where you don’t have to sit and stare on a computer screen all day; still join the forum as it’s a great way to socialize with others that can’t get enough of the stuff either. There is always an anime magazine for you to subscribe to. Yes, just like desperate house wives and horny husbands, anime fans too have a magazine for themselves; however, be careful you get what you pay for—which is the same advice you hope to receive regarding prostitutes one day. XD

You’ve probably never thought about it before, but why not? Surely jocks, cheerleaders and nerds aren’t the only ones with a magazine targeted towards them; you too (the anime fan) have a wide variety of anime magazines just waiting for you to subscribe too.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider subscribing to anime magazine:
First, the obvious, its anime! That hole in your soul that you can’t seem to get enough of the stuff will finally be fed.

Second is accessibility. While going online for your information is the “in” thing to do these days having a magazine that comes to your door every month is easy and less of a strain on the eyes. Plus you don’t have to go far to find one. Simply go to your local super-market and check the magazine rack. Buy the magazine, fill out the subscription card with the appropriate funds and attached mail and that’s it. You’ll get your yearly supply of anime information and goodies at your doorstep.

Third, and probably the most important, information. Anime magazines cover a large variety of anime; encompassing almost every genre imaginable, usually excluding hentai and yaoi for obvious reasons you will eventually find out, if you don’t know what they are already—although there are magazines for that genre too. ^^” The magazine will usually have tons of reviews, previews, suggestions and ideas for your brain to suck up. You’ll find out about up coming events and specials that might be passing through your neck of the woods. You’ll learn about your favourite series, stuff you couldn’t learn about anywhere else. Anime magazines usually offers tons of other resources besides their own to help you in your quest; whether it is websites or other magazines. You’ll be exposed to different things regarding Japanese animation: mangas, cosplay, music, video games. You’ll find out information about the anime you’ve already seen; whether it be DVD release dates, convention locations or things to buy. Besides just anime information anime magazines are crammed full of articles and stories written by people just like you. Some stories will make you laugh others will make you cry, and the rest make you cry from laughing.

Fourth, reading anime magazines can help broaden your selection of anime. As stated above anime magazines are host to many genres; some you may like others you might hate, but at least you’re exposed to them. You might be a hard-core DBZ fan and belong to a ton of DBZ centred forums, but you never know maybe something in the magazine will catch your eye. You’ll be exposed to many different types of anime. It’s always cool to try something new; and anime magazines are a good way to learn about those choices.

Fifth? Goodies. If there isn’t an anime store near you your room décor might be missing some anime posters or anime plushies. Well the anime magazine is a good place to stock up. Most magazines have hundreds of advertisements, not about diet pills or anti-depressant like the others, but about anime—and at good prices too. You’ll usually get a complementary poster just for buying the magazine, and subscribing too it also gets you even more goodies. Now depending on the anime magazine you get your goodies could range from a poster to a free plushie or even free DVDs. So you won’t just be getting page after page of anime goodness, but also prizes those that don’t have a subscription don’t even get close to.

Now after reading all of that you must just be so excited about anime magazines, but you’re probably wondering how much you have to fork up. Well depending on what magazine you subscribe to it could be a lot. Some are thirty dollars for a yearly subscription and other in the upper nineties—I wonder which one the free DVD is in? ^^ Of course subscribing saves you a lot of money, better than you going out and buying it at the cover price every month. Of course it seems like a lot, but you get what you pay for. Of course the more expensive ones are for more die-hard fans and if you’re new you probably might what to start out with something a little cheaper, but don’t let that discourage you from spending your parents money. All anime magazines are good and you might just find yourself subscribing to more than one, because each anime magazine offers something different.

Of course before you go out and fill out that subscription to the first magazine you picked up read through the magazine. I’ve tried not to say which kind of anime magazine I subscribe, because what’s best for me might not be exactly your cup of tea. Read through one or two different magazines and then decide which you prefer. Don’t just let the free goodies and pretty pictures sway you; some anime magazines could take you days to go through entirely, but at the end you’ll be filled with either anime goodness or just plain boredom. You’re spending lots of money so you should get your money’s worth. Most anime magazines have websites you can look at before buying so I suggest checking them out first; then when you think you’ve picked the right one then you can subscribe.

Subscribing to an anime magazine is a good way to get exposed to new animes, and read up and all things anime related in the comfort of your living room. So go out and ask mommy and daddy to drop a few dead presidents—or whatever you Europeans use—so that you can get your anime now.

By Cherubim.


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