Kare Kano Ending – "Into A Dream"

His And Her Circumstances Ending Theme – “Into A Dream”

(Japanese Lyrics)

Sagashi Mono wa Nan Desu ka
Mitsukenikui Mono Desu ka
Kaban no Naka mo Tsukue no Naka mo
Sagashita keredo Mitsukaranai noni

Madamada Sagasu Ki Desu ka
Sore yori Boku to Odorimasen ka
Yume no Naka e Yume no Naka e
Ittemitai to Omoimasen ka

Yasumu Koto mo Yurusarezu
Warau Koto wa Tomerarete
Haitsukubatte Haitsukubatte
Ittai Nani o Sagashiteiru no ka

Sagasu no o Yameta Toki
Mitsukaru Koto mo Yoku Aru Hanashi de
Odorimashou Yume no Naka e
Ittemitai to Omoimasen ka

(English Lyrics)

What is it that you’re looking for?
Is it something that’s hard to find?
And you looked in your bag and your desk…
…but you can’t find it.

Do you still intend to keep on looking?
Won’t you dance with me instead?
Wouldn’t you want to…Wouldn’t you want to…
go off into a dream?

Without even being allowed to rest…
…and being stopped from laughing…
…crawling around and crawling around…
What in the world could you be looking for?

When you stop looking…
…it’s often the case that you find it.
Let’s dance. Wouldn’t you want to…
go off into a dream?

By Jaimie

One Response to Kare Kano Ending – "Into A Dream"

  1. kyaaaa …. arrigatou xD love this song … i would like to know what’s the band’s name T___T wana dld the hole discography xD anyway … ty for the lyrics a lot.

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