Love Hina Closing – "Kimi Saeireba"

Love Hina Closing Theme – “Kimi Saeireba”

(Japanese Lyrics)

I’m a dreamer…
…sono hohoemi douka sawarasete.

Kitto iku yo, hi no ataru basho.
Kono mama ja owarenai, yakusoku ga aru.

Tooi michi, hitosuji no hikari…
Kimi ga iru kara, kara kimi saw ireba…

(English Lyrics)

I’m a dreamer…
Let me touch…
…that delicate smile on your face.

Someday I’ll arrive at that place where the sun shines warmly.
It can’t end like this, there’s a promise I have to keep.

A long, winding path lies ahead, but a beam of light shines through.
It’s all for your sake, for as long as you are there.

By Jaimie


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