X: "Crystal"

Anime: X
OST: X Orginal Soundtrack II
Artist: Kamui Shiro


Kimiwowasurenai kanashii ashitaga kitatoshitemo
Bokurawaitsumademo yamanaikaze
Kimiwomitsuketai anohinoshirushiga nakunattemo
Bokurawadokomademo nagarerumizu

Mukashisagashita koenoyouni
Umarestsuzukeru naminoyouni
Kokorokasanete sonosakie anobashoe

Itsukamataaeru konomunenikimgairu
Dakarabokutachiwa tabiwotsuzukeru
Itsukamewotojite omoidasutokigakuru
Dakaeaimadakewa bemurou so long

Kimiwodakishimete hajimete yasashiiusowotsuita
Sayonara iwanakunchaikenaikara

Kotobanakushite asagakitemo
Ameniutarete kizutsuitemo
Namidakasanete sonohateni irukimie

Itsukamataaeru owaranaimichigaaru
Dakarabokutachiwa tabiwotsuzukeru
Itsukamitayumeni hashiridasutokigakuru
Dakarakorekarawo tsunagou so long

Bokuwakokoniiru yasashisanitsutsumarete
Dakaranakanaide tabiwotsuzukete
Kimigakuretamono eienniwasurenai
Dakaranandodemoinorou forever to you…


I won’t forget you even if a sad tomorrow comes
We are the wind that will never stop
I want to find you even though the mark from that day disappears
We are the flowing water to the last

Just like a voice that I looked for a long time ago
Just like the lasting waves
Put my heart over years to the future, to that place

Someday we will meet again…you are in my heart
So, we continue our journey
Someday we will have time to close our eye and remember
So, let’s sleep for now…so long

While I was embracing you I told you a white lie for the last time
Because I needed to say goodbye

Lost words and even if the morning comes
Even if I get hurt by beating ran
For you, beyond piles of tears

Someday we will meet again…there is an endless road
So, we continue our journey
There will be a time that I will run towards the dream I had the other day
So, let’s connect from now on…so long

I am here wrapped with kindness
So, don’t cry and let’s continye our journey
I will never forget what you have given me forever
So, I pray over and over again, forever to you

By Cherubim


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