Record of Lodoss War OVA Vol.1 OST

  • Composed/Arranged by: Mitsuo Hagita, track 2&16 by Kaoru Ito and track 3&15 by Akino Nii.
  • Vocals: Sherry

    Record of Lodoss War OVA Vol.1 OST
    The first album in a legendary trio of what is perhaps the best serie of anime soundtracks ever released. The anime itself was legendary, and so is the music. The music was Composed and Arranged by Mitsuo Hagita, 2 other composers were involved as well, Kaoru Ito did track 2&16, Akino Nii did track 3&15. The vocals are performed by Sherry. Up to the music itself now, shall we?

    The music itself has a very classic feel to it, so people who love Classical music will adore this Soundtrack. The Ost starts out with the incredible Prologue(opening track), a really chilling and memorable opening. Up next is the magnificent Ending Theme Fantasia of the Wind, a song that started to grow on me the more I listened to it. Track 3 is the Instrumental version of “Now And Fortune ~Flame And Eternity~” the memorable opening song of the OVA’s, more on that later. 4th song is Deedlit’s Theme(~Fairy of Wind~), a mysterious but very lovely(and romantic) song, and like expected, a kickass Theme for a kickass Elf:).

    What follows is..ofcourse Parn’s Theme(~Warm Friendship~), what else could it be. This song has a very classic feel to it, I’m not that much into classic music, but if you are I’m sure you will recognize a style from one or other master in it. Needless to say, it’s an amazing theme and one of my favorites on the Ost. Next up is Reminiscence, another classic inspired track, but somehow I never liked it as much as say Parn’s Theme. Then we have Emperor of Darkness Beld’s Theme, also one of my less favorites, I dunno but such a powerful figure could have used a more powerful theme, but perhaps that’s just me. What follows is Karla’s Theme, again a dark and malevolent theme but get’s never really loud or bombastic, yet it fit’s her character pretty well, since she operates on her own.

    Track 9 Fatal Struggle is one of the more powerfull action tracks on the Ost, it really set’s the mood of things coming up. Track 10 Fire Dragon is the famous Theme for the Dragon Shooting Star, by far the most impressive Dragon in the anime, once again a powerful theme for a powerful enemy, I still like his TV Ost version better though. The next 3 tracks I can’t really comment on since I don’t remember the scenes anymore were they were played. The tracks are good but not as memorable as the others. Track 14 Karla’s (Bewitching) magic is a really haunting theme, perfect for a character such as her’s, if there’s one track that gives you the chills that’s the one.

    And then we have track 15 Now And Fortune ~Flame And Eternity~ (Adessa e fortuna), they incredible powerful love ballad(which is still my favorite anime opening ever). This song is really one of the highlights on the Ost and can’t be overlooked, Sherry’s voice is simply wonderful and makes an already perfect song even more perfect. The last track on the Ost is the instrumental version of the Ending Theme “Fantasia of the Wind”, which is equal on the vocal version in my humble opinion.

    Ofcourse not all tracks appear on this Ost(that why there are 3 of them), but it’s the perfect starting point for any Lodoss fan who would like to dig the Soundtracks.

    On a side-note, this Ost has been playing for months now in my Car:D.

    Overall Rating : 10/10

    A must own Soundtrack for any Anime or Music fan. Considering the overall quality this soundtrack can be considered as one of the best Anime Ost ever released, if not the best. Very hard to get though nowadays as original release, but still available as bootleg.

  • By Edgar


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