Someday’s Dreamers

Anime: Someday’s Dreamers
Composer: Takefuni Haketa
Additional Artist: the Indigo
Released by: Pioneer
Release Date: November 4, 2003

O1. Where the sky and the eart meet
02. Midnight Summer Dream
03. Heart of ice ~After you’ve left
04. Sunflower ~Surrrounded by the wind of light
05. Golden sunlight
06. First job
07. Friend
Someday's dreamers08. Memorable Scene
09. Home country of a water imp
10. I won’t forget
12. Under the moon light (Hey that’s me)
13. Breakfast ~I’m fine today, too~
14. PAIN
15. The Feeling is Magic
16. Hot Frenzy
17. Forever straight
18. As a human as a witch
19. Our future
20. Kidokorone ~doze
21. Destination of magic
22. In flower language, it is “love”
23. Sweet Memories
24. “Sincerely”
25. Poem of hope
26. Blue sky without a cloud ~No trouble in the world
27. Clear/ the Indigo
28. UNDER THE BLUE SKY/ the Indigo (TV EDIT)
29-37. Eye Catch (9 versions)

Track by track review:

01. Where the sky and the earth meet <3:26>
A really nice relaxing piece, overall a good opener. Main instrument is a Basendofer piano (which is used throughout this entire album), so if you don’t like that (Why, what’s wrong with you) then you won’t like this song (and probably this entire OST). The very beginning is just piano, for a while really, but it’s really relaxing. As you make your way through the piece you hear music you might connect with something celtic. If you visulize this song, you would imagine a open medow on a perfect day, with green grass as far as you see. There is very little use of human voices, only towards the end do you hear them, sweet serene voices that can put you to sleep. Overall the song is very relaxing on the ears and the soul, the piano just takes you away. Its good to just put this on let it roll, a sudden out of place plause or stop will ruin the moment. Definitely one track for the piano/celtic lovers. (Is there such a thing)
Rating: 4/5

02. Midnight Summer dream <3:33>
Main instrument the piano, with what I belive whats to be a harp. Really relaxing and peaceful. Their is a choir in this one like the first their role isn’t very big. The piano is still the main thrust in this piece, the harp-like instrument does a good job of bringing that relaxing feeling there, since the piano can be a powerful and over bearing instrument at times. You get a really nice joyful feeling from this. It sort of has a mellow alone feel to it, the piano at the very beginning of this piece sounds very isolated from the rest of the music; until the choir comes in which unifies everything until the end of this piece.
Rating: 4/5

03. Heart of ice ~After you left <2.48>
The very beginning of this piece you’ll get the feeling that its a dark depressing song, but it changes. There seems to be some conflict going on. The music dips in and out of a depressing, yet conforting, mood to a dark mysterious one. There are no vocals in this, but there is a lot going on. You can connect emotions like, hate, guilt, loneliness, sadness, depression and struggle. While this sounds as if it’s piece you want to stay away from you shouldn’t, there is so much emotioned packed into that it would be shame not to listen to. Again it’s a piano piece, but not just one continuesoues mood, but one very complex. Resembles someone with past, a heavy burdon on their shoulders.
Rating: 5/5

04. Sunflower ~Surrounded by the wind of light <3.25>
The music reflects a person on a journey. The piano which until now seemed to be the main instruments in each piece isn’t in this piece. A nice acoustic guitar does the job with the piano playing partner. The music is really inspiring: you really get the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair as you look towards the boundless sky. Relaxing but it’s telling you to do something: to move, to go on.
Rating: 4/5

05. Golden sunlight <1.26>
You really get the feeling opening the door to a castle, with a touch of (inspirational) magic. The piece is really short which might it’s main downside. There is also that use of a harp or whatever (didn’t sound to natural, I’m suspecting a synthesizer) that runs through the piece, which does get a little annoying, because it sticks out to the best of the piece.
Rating: 3.5/5

06. First job <1.53>
You might connections to a important military operation, and everyone is preparing for batting. This pieve definitely takes on a more serious tone. The sense that danger is approaching, and that its time to gear up for battle is every present. It is short but powerful and suspenseful.
Rating: 4/5

07. Friend <1.24>
Alright, where you might have had a hint of Irish music from in track 01 this is piece is Irish fro the start. In fact it’s the Irish version of the main theme track 01 so there it aint just me talking. There really is a sense of happiness, a little bit of celebrating, hard work, you can visualize this as a piece for the working folk (in Ireland) that live and work hard: everybody is doing their part this piece says. It’s a song about living man! Living.
Rating: 4/5

08. Memorable Scene <1.25>
Another Irish twist on the main theme, this piece is at a somewhat slower tempo. It’s somewhat taken back, the slower tempo give off that feeling of taking life by increments, one step at a time. The presense of a flute, so some kind, is made obvious in this piece that in the other main theme versions. Slow but sweet and romantic. You get to take time and smell the flowers in this piece.
Rating: 4.5/5

09. Days of Pachanga <0:52>
If Memorable Scene was the slow tempo, Days of Pachanga is the fast one. The music goes very quickly, from the very beginning your pulled right into it. No matter what you try you’re going you’re going to be tapping you feet on floor when you listen to this. It’s very joyful and celebratory, again it’s short and I wish it could have been longer–I guees I could always just start from the very beginning again. Life is fast and moving in this, really good piece, it’s a party and it’s time to celebrate.
Rating: 4.5/5

10. Home country of a water imp <1:34>
Another feet tapping-celebrating-irish-have a beer song-and dance song, except this time you might be snapping you fingers too. After listening to this I really want to learn to dance the right Irish (if such a way exist) to do this probably. It’s very child oriented and innocent. About half way through the music picks up another beat and it really get going, well more than before. It’s joyful, happy, and makes you smile. It’s really makes you want get with friends and have a good time no matter what mood you’re in.
Rating: 4.5/5

11. I won’t forget <2:03>
It might be hard to believe but this is actually a different take on the main theme (track 01), it’s odd because it sounds so different. The main instrument is a Lute (some weird string instrument from olden olden Europe). It’s a nice piece and a nice change/twist on the main theme, the ability to take the same basic music and making sound so different while retaining the basics shows the power of instruments and these talented artist. The Irish presense isn’t as heavy in this piece as the others, this time it takes on more of by the water looking that the sunset kind of feel.
Rating: 4/5

12. Under the Moon Light <1:30>
Yume’s theme played this time through a Harp as the main instrument. The power of the Harp to seduce the heart is oh to clear in this. Slow and megestic this piece castes a spell on you. The feeling is of a loving and comforting one, life is moving slowly but graciously in the water. Ok enough if the poetic junk. Really nice use of the Harp here, if you like the harp or want to hear more of it this is the song to start with.
Rating: 4.5/5

13. Breakfast ~I’m fine today, too <1:45>
You’ll think of waking up in morning under the bright sun. The vizulization of a fresh start. The music is very optimistic. It sort of has a country feel to it, warm, cozzy, a busy. No piano, instead the instruments are ones you’ll indentify with those found in the country. The subtitle “I’m fine today, too” fits this song perfectly. A real peaceful and enjoy piece.
Rating: 4/5

14. PAIN <1:39>
The Lute makes another appearance in this piece. Slow, mellow, and somewhat depressing; but not totally. This isn’t a happy piece, instead it’s packed with human emotion and drama. You get the sense of sadness and worryness. Still a good piece to listen to.
Rating: 4/5

15. The Felling of magic <3:00>
Harp fans will love this, so will fans of flutes and whistles. It’s rather long piece, but it’s also rather simple. There is definetly a feel of elegance, and beauty in this piece. It’s very peaceful, I guess it’s simplicity emplifies that. The harp is very soothin, it’s almost makes you want to sleep. Nice relaxing piece to listen to.
Rating: 4/5

16. Hot frenzy <2:31>
It’s time to Salsa! Yeah, this took me by surprise too, until now everything was harps and pianos, so a sudden burst of sweet latina music was a good change. The booklet says this New York Salsa, just a mini FYI. You’re shoulders are going to start to move, and you’ll be moving your hands and feet. This song is full of life and rythme and you feel as if your right there in a Salsa Bar making a fool of yourself. So grab a partner and Salsa baby!
Rating: 5/5

17. Forever straight <1:02>
The string quartet adaption of Sunflower ~Surrounded by the wind of light. Sunflower ~Surrounded by wind of light made a connection to some one on a journey, Forever Straight you can imagine some one funning towards something. A very innocent and inspirational piece. The downfall is it’s rather short (only a minute), and the ending is a bit out of place, it comes very sudden when you’d think the song was going to continue.
Rating: 4/5

18. As a human as a witch <2:43>
Heart of Ice ~After you’ve left quartet version. Not dark or depressing like Heart of Ice, you can hear the violin and cello in the back ground. Half way through the mood changes, it switches to a very inspirational mood. The beginning is peaceful and serene, but it builds up. Eloquent and magestic, a nice piece to listen to when you just want to get away from it all.
Rating: 4.5/5

19. Our future <1:55>
When the sky and the earth meet quartet version. All the three instruments (two violins, a viola, and a cello) get to shine in this piece. If you listen closely this piece is mainly repetions of the first part of the music; however, being played by different instruments and artist it sounds different each time. It flows very well on the ears, again it’s very innocent in the way it sounds.
Rating: 4.5/5

20. Kidokorone ~doze <1:43>
A nice New Age Style guitar solo. Really nice and quite. You can imagine Mr. Nishiumi (the guitarist) just sitting down a stools just playing this. I liked the song but found that it wasn’t up to par to the rest. I enjoyed it, but kind of missed my piano and violins.
Rating: 4/5

21. Destination of Magic <1:32>
Mandolin and guitar fans will enjoy this. Slow tempo but still enjoyable. It is somewhat depression though, might make you bevel in your own sadness if you listen to it too much. It runs smoothly but there isn’t any happyness in this just sighs. It’s still a good piece but isn’t something you’d want to hear after a depression day. Very sad song.
Rating: 4/5

22. In flower language it is “Love” <1:29>
Heart of Ice ~After you’ve left played through a guitar duet. Really slow and emotional. Nice piece, it really grabs you. Heart of ice sounds so differently when played by a guitar.
Rating: 4.5/5

23. Sweet Memories <1:33>
A slow but elegant piano solo. Very gracious. It’s very independant-theme piece, but not lonely, if that makes any sense. You can hear remnants of the main theme in this, but it’s slighty different. It’s just the piano in this, but still really good. Really nice and soft sounds. Enjoyable for those that like it light on the ears.
Rating: 4/5

24. “Sincerely” <1:49>
The piano makes a come back in “Sincerely” and it couldn’t have been more eloquent. The music is very simple, but very nice. When I first heard it, I was actually put in sort of a trance. Like Sweet Memories, “Sincerely”, is very light shoothin piece of music. There isn’t much complexity to this (in fact a good week of practice and anyone would be able to play) but that fact isn’t enough the deny the shere magesty of this piece.
Rating: 4/5

25. Poem of Hope <1:03>
It seems the OST is going out all piano. Practically the same music as Heart of Ice, except this time just played by the piano. Unlike the two tracks before (Sweet Memories and “Sincerely”) Poem of Hope isn’t soft and innocent; throughout the piece the piano may sound overbearing and powerful. Yet, it still retains it’s eloquence. Nice piece of sweet piano action here.
Rating: 4/5

26. Blue Sky Without a Cloud -No Trouble in the World <1:50>
The piano adapted piece to Sunflower -Surrounded by the Wind of Light. Now you’ve heard me brag about how Sunflower…carries the vizual connection to a person on a journey, well Blue Sky…is that days end. I know this is a bit of forshadowing on my part, but this is the last piece on this OST for only instrumentals. It’s a good closing. Relaxing and enjoyable to listen to over and over again.
Rating: 4.5/5

27. Clear <3:48>
I hear voices! Yeah finally we get some voices as the main thrust besides some choir in the background. The song is sung by a (two manned) group called the Indigo. It ain’t the best song on earth but ain’t bad. It really doesn’t feel like it’s three minutes long, it sounds a lot shorter. It sounds way off track from all the music before, then again it’s probably the voice thing. It really is just a song, and I know that sounds bad, but there isn’t anything really that stands out about it. It’s a good listen to but you won’t be as moved as the other tracks in this. <Click Here for Lyrics>
Rating: 3.5/5

28. Under the Blue SKY (TV Edit) <1:37>
Another song peformed by the Indigo. I rather like this one that Clear, there is more of a up beat tempo to it. It is short though–which might be its major downfall. The music is better and Miki Taoka (the vocalist) sounds better in this one. This is the ending theme song, which seems to be a good way to go, the full version–which isn’t on this CD (me wonders why?) must have sounded better. the Indigo seems to be a nice relaxing band to get into, and after listening to this track I think giving them a try wouldn’t be bad thing. <Click Here for Lyrics>
Rating: 4/5

29-37. Eye Catch
The Eye Catches are just snipets of music used to switch from one scene to another, or when the anime is going to a commercial. Each is only a few seconds long. I wonder why they are even on the OST, but I don’t make those decisions–just complain about them. They really even aren’t worth a listen.
Rating: 0/5

Personal Favorites:
01. Where the sky and the earth meet
02. Midnight Summer dream
03. Heart of ice ~After you left
09. Days of Pachanga
12. Under the Moon Light
15. The Felling of magic
19. Our future
28. Under the Blue SKY (TV Edit)

Personal Dislikes:
27. Clear
29-37. Eye Catches

If you haven’t heard of Someday’s Dreamers, it is a shoujo anime about a girl becoming a sage, leaving the county and moving to the city. In that sense the music is good, very inspirational and not depressing. The OST does have several downsides however: 1) Most of the music on this OST are just adaptions and differions of the Oringinal Four, 2) There filled 9 tracks of useless samples as if you were at a buffet, 3) 1 and 2 are good enough. The upside is that the music that was on this OST was really good. Even though most was just the same songs played over in a different way, they have there own uniqueness about them. Difinately a OST for those that more focus on light instrumentals than J-Pop. I really liked the hint of Irishness (haha “Irishness” new word of the day) in this piece. I was explaining to someone that it was composed in Japan and they wouldn’t believe me. If you like light instrumentals I say give this a shot, you’ll most likely like it. If you like more J-Pop stay away, go download and Clear and Under the Blue Sky. I like it but that’s because I never get enough of piano, but even I had my problems with it.


By Cherubim


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