Vampire Princess Miyu OST

  • Composed/Arranged by:Kenji Kawai.
  • Vocals: Saeko Suzuki& Miki Nagasawa
  • Published by: Tokyopop

    3 Shinma brothers and a magnificent score
    Vampire Princess Miyu OST
    Weird introduction eh?

    Well, there’s a reason for this. Every once in a while Soundtracks have an everlasting impression on me, and Vampire Princess Miyu was one of these. I could sum up this Ost in one word: Melancholy. Because that’s what you have when you listen to this soundtrack. The soundtrack is dark and sad in nature which fit’s perfectly the series. Every episode on the TV-series has a somewhat dramatic ending and this is represented in most of the tracks(not all, but most of them).. Most songs are rather short(usually not more than 2 minutes) but somehow it never seemed to bother me. The quality of the intrumentation and composition makes up more than enough for the lack of length.

    Kenji Kawai is the acclaimed composer of this music and it’s a shame some people just doesn’t seem to get enough recognition for their works. Kenji Kawai is one of them. Being also responsible for his tremendous score for Ghost in the Shell, it’s easily to see why this man is so damn good. But back to the soundtrack now, in particular to a few songs that needs mentioning.

    In good anime tradition, the opening song is sweetness and it’s prepares pretty much the mood for what’s to come. It resembles a sad lonely girl sitting on a tree with somebody telling her story when traditional Japnese instruments are kicking off the song to progress to more intensified drums and a chorus of voices and then getting slower again. The vocal part is done by Kasahara Hiroko which also did vocals for Armitage III. I love the opening and it’s definitly a song you will keep coming back to..
    Quite simply a perfect opening song to the series.

    Now back to the title of my review. Some of you might remember one of the last episodes with the 3 Shinma brothers coming into a town. The beginning of that episode made a deep impression to me and that’s mainly because of the song that did go along with it. Track nr. 28 and called The Wind of Killer(Sappuka), it’s one of those villain songs you just can’t get out of your head. It was played several times when there was an upcoming battle with Shinma’s, but especially in that particular episode the song became appearant and stuck in your head. Even though the song is rather short(1.28 only) it never fails to amaze me. Dark, gloomy and the feeling bad things will happen lead the overtone here.

    Another song worth mentioning is track. 30 called Distress(Kunou). It’s another one of these dark in nature songs that represents the whole mood of the series with the Shinma’s and Miyu’s own world. Despite the rather repeating melodie, the songs never grows old on you. Track.3 Karma(Shukumei no Katarushisu) is another one of these songs that belong in the same sad and emotional attached category.

    Another thing I want to mention is the Flute. Many songs use the flute as instrument and song 12 “Melodie of Sorrow” is an excellent example of that. This instrument is used in quite some tracks, and mostly with great results, it gives an additonal edge to the already emotionally charges songs. There are plenty more songs on this soundtrack worth covering, but I’m not good at doing very long reviews, so I conclude my review here.

    Final thoughts: if you’re a fan of the series, get this one. For all others, people have different tastes, but if you somewhat like dark, melancholic or sad soundtracks you will adore this one.Truth to be told, Kenji Kawai outdid himself on this score, no discussion about it. While some songs might be less impressive, the majority makes up for that and you won’t regret buying it. A worthy Ost in everybody’s collection and still easy to find.

    Overall Rating : 9,5/10

  • By Edgar


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