Image hosted by Photobucket.comDirector: Shinji Aramaki
Producer: Sori
Original Creator: Shirow Masamune
Art/CG Director: Yasuhiro Otsuka
Character Design: Masaki Yamada
Genre: Action
Release Date: May 10th, 2005 (DVD)
Running Time: 105 min
Age Rating: 16up


Deunan Knute knows only one thing: how to fight. Every since she has been brought up that’s all she can remember. The world that Deunan lives demands strong fighters. The world has been shaken by war after war. Leaving most of the planet is shams. Deunan took part in the last global war with her father the famous warrior of Olympus and lover Briareos; however, to Deunan’s knowledge both have been killed; since she has fought to survive the cold and merciless world. After the usual night of kicking ass trying to survive, Deunan is captured by a mysterious group with the initials ES.W.A.T. on their armored suit. Although they technically saved Deunan from certain death, she knows they don’t just save total strangers for nothing. But with a few tranquilizers Deunan is out cold, and can’t do much else.
Deunan wakes up many hours later in a hospital room. It turns out Deunan was on the top of ES.W.A.T recruiting list. Headed by Hitomi, a sexy female whose job is to scout for excellent warriors in the outside world and bring them into Olympus. Hitomi explains to Deunan that the global wars had ended, and that out of the rubble Olympus was formed. The ideal society where the perfect balance between human and bioriod: a clone human with suppressed emotions who’s purpose is to stabilize the human race. Olympus is controlled and monitored by a system known as Gaia, which is a program that monitors human and bioriod interactions, and makes decisions based on that. Deunan was called to protect that peace and make sure that Olympus doesn’t fall into rubble like the rest of society.
With 50% of the population being bioriod, the idea that humans are playing a smaller and smaller part doesn’t go over well with some; that “some” being the regular army, which’s composed of only humans, headed by General Uranus, who despises bioriods.
Olympus’ peace has been threatened, when the bioriod center was destroyed by foreign terrorist machines (hired by the military to cause the extinction of all bioriod). With the bioriod center destroyed, the bioriods won’t be able to undergo the life extension process, and die within hours. Drastic measures must be kept in order to keep the survival of Olympus intact. Deunan is once again called to service to retrieve the lost information from Dr. Gilliam, that would fully active the Bioriods reproductive systems. Allowing them to survive without the Life extension procedure, allowing them to become a new race of man. This key bit of information has been nick named “Appleseed”.
Deunan now is on the most important mission of her life. She’ll have to find the “Appleseed” and save the bioriods. In the process she’ll unlock her past and save all of humanity. All in days work for Deunan, I guess.

Deunan Knute
Kick ass babes are the best, aren’t they!? Deunan is the they kick butt first and ask questions later kind of girl. Her past is a mystery to her, and all she knows is how to fight. But that doesn’t stop her from saving the world, and popping out some memorable quotes every now and again.

Deunan’s old lover, when he had flesh and blood. He’s a expert soldier. He plays a interesting part, you can’t really tell if he’s all that good sometimes. Even Deunan at one time has to call into question his real motives. After the last global war, Briareos body was badly injured and he had to go under surgery. Now he’s a cyborg working for Olympus’ ES.W.A.T.

ES.W.A.T. main recruiter. Hitomi goes out to find warriors and bring them back to Olympus to serve. She takes a particular liking to Deunan. She has her own opinions about how the human and bioriods are suppose to act with each other. She wants to experience true love, but her bioriod make up prevents her from doing that.

The best mechanic in all of Olympus. Although he is a bioriod it’s clear that he loves Hitomi very much. He’s always begging Briareos to let him give him a touch up.

General Uranus
Despises bioriod, as he believe they some how want to control humans. Leader of the regular army General Uranus isn’t one to mess with. His hatred for them runs so deep that he is willing to kill them all, which wouldn’t eventually lead to the destruction of Olympus.

General Uranus” right hand man (Wow! that sounds way bad). He hates bioriods just or even more so that Uranus. His hatred comes from the fact that most bioriods carry DNA of the Deunan’s father, who Hades despises. His hatred is somewhat more vengeful. He wants all bioriods to destroyed and wipe out Cernals Knute DNA once and for all.

Prime Minister Athena
As the name suggest, Athena runs the Olympus, although it’s Gaia that makes the final decision. Athena was one of the first generation bioriods and she knew Dr. Gilliam very well. She is very distrust full of the Elders and concerned that what they plan might endanger all humans.

(The) Elders
The Seven old men that debate with Gaia over what should happen in Olympus. They consider humanity a violent and self destructive species. They have constructed a plan to kill off all humans after the bioriods reproductive systems have been activated.

Overall 90/100

Story 90/100
Characters 85/100
Music 85/100
Animation 95/100

Simply amazing. I’m actually pretty stunned this didn’t do as well as it was expected in the theaters. The only thing I hated was the ending scene where Deunan saved the city, it was really stupid how it happened [the button just magically pushed itself], besides that I must say that it’s one of the best futuristic/action orientated I’ve seen. The actions scenes where awesome, a few in number, but they were still good. Probably the best aspect of this entire movie where its first and final battle scene. The story was good too, it kept you interested since Shirow Masamune [creator of “Ghost in the Shell” manga] you can expect there to be moments in it where it tries to over think things. It does develop rather quickly, probably too quickly. You’ll get just brief information, enough so you don’t get confused or lost, but it really doesn’t go into much in actually dept. I think several times it brushes over things, it could’ve gone into more dept, but it’s it still good. The characters were nice too. It was kind of a low attempt to be smart naming the people who run Olympus after Greek gods: Athena, Hades, and Uranus. It was like “ha ha ha” that’s all. They could have been a bit more original.
What makes this stand out the most is the animation. Everything is done in CG Animation and it could not have been better. If you’re a fan of CG stuff then this is a MUST. Up close things might not look as good, but when you’ve got a far shot it’s really clean and smooth. The music is really rockin (that sounds so corny) and fits the mood of the anime. I actually preferred the English voices over the Japanese ones for a change. *Gasp* But that’s just me.
Overall it’s a great anime, even action-theme anime isn’t your thing it’s still worth a watch. If you happen to like Ghost and the Shell and Bubble Gum Crisis, then you’ll probably find this really good too. There is a lot of GitS theme stuff in this, just basic stuff like the armored suits and the chopper from GitS: SAD There really isn’t any major down sides to Appleseed, no major flaws or nothing. I guess it just has to be your day when you watch it.

By Cherubim.


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