Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heavens Door

Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heavens Door
Genre: Action
Length: 154 minutes and some change (thats about 2 and a half hours)

Plot = A
Characters = A
Music = A
Overall = A

General Outlook:
This story takes place between episodes 22-23, and is like an side story to the TV series itself. If youve not seen the TV series, this is really great, as it still has the perfect feel to it. You may not be familar with the characters, but that doesnt matter in this little one shot. You can pick up and end with this movie if you wish, no harm done at all. And it will still be a wonderful experience. However, if you are a Cowboy Bebop fan, you will be delighted with the side story which gives you more of what you wanted. Familar old faces are here for the past fans(crazy oldmen, the hosts of the Bounty Hunter progam), and of course the main antics of Spike and the others. The main story is that while tracking a routine bounty, Spike and the others come across a bigger fish, in the form of Vincent, who unleashes and starts a series of terrorists attacks upon the city itself(which is like a future NYC, with VERY much skyline designs from this). When things get complicated, and the original Hacker bounty ends up dead, with the military sweeping in to clean up the terrorist mess(which we learn more on) its up to Spike and the others to save the day.
Awesome fighting scenes. I forgot i was watching animation at one point, and was comparing to to past fight scenes in my mind. Nicely done, and the gun scenes are intense and believable. This really has something for everyone, with the nice dry humour of Spike shining through at a moments notice.(like crash landing his Swordfish onto a bridge in front of a startled cabby, getting out and shouting “Hey Taxi”). I will admit, i wasnt the biggest fan of the series itself, but this i really enjoyed, and in fact has rekindled a desire for me to watch the series again. I reccomend anyone to see this, fans or not, it has something for everyone.

Cowboy Bebop has always been noted for its original soundtrack, and espeiclaly for Yokka Konno’s contributions to it. It is a great music expereince as it should be, including a original Yokka pop song, for the opening. the music is really loved, and as a example of this i was recently selling the 5 cd box set of Cowboy Bebop for a lil under 150 dollars. Yet this isnt a large deterrent in its sales. CowBoy Bebop captured the number one DVD sales spot for this movie, as well.

Fans familar with the series, will be surprised by the cameos, and typical appaerances of their favorite characters. Some may enjoy the new Ed outfit, involving a Halloween Jack O Lantern which she emplys on some under cover work. However, new people will be surprised(as will some fans) by the new introspection onto Spike and Jet.(Faye is typical Faye, as is Ed and Ein). Spike also for the “first” time tells about his past, to the co-star and his flirtation through the film, Electra. She has a past connection with Vincent, the main antagonist. He is cold, and ruthless, killing with barely a flinch,and he is on a level of skill that surprises even Spike. This makes for some intense action, and one of the coolest showdowns ive seen in recent history. Where the trend is to have apocalyptic faceoffs, and deaths of hundreds with no hope, Knocking on Heavens Door takes the other route. The characters are nicely done, offering new insight into characters for past fans, and giving one time veiwers an ejoyable look as well.

My Thoughts(and spoilers):
Truth be told, i wasnt expecting much. I actually watched this more on a whim and some free time than anything. I was pleasantly surprised. It wasnt like anything i had been watching of late, so it was very refreshing. And i was surprised by the new look i got into Cowboy Bebop with it. The fighting scenes were very memorable, and the twisted Vincent is perfect main villian. Defying every death, and living against all odds. His perfectly evil smile, after Spike “beats” him, and then stands over him, as Vincent counter attacks and nearly rips Spikes heart from his chest, is chillingly awesome. As is his callous care for the lives around him, killing more than a few civilians as he cooly walks along. And still, you get a understanding to Vincent, and i almost felt bad for him at the end. Very good, i dont think i can look at Vicious the same way anymore, as Vincent seems to have a definate spot in my mind as a Villian to remember.

By Darknight ZO


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