Cyborg 009

Alternative Title: Cyborg 009 The Cyborg Soldier
Director: Jan Kawagowe
Creator (Manga): Shotaro Ishinomori
Producer: Takayuki Nagasawa
Episodes: 52
Age: 13

Series Review:
The secret organization known as Black Ghost is bent on promoting global warfare. One of Black Ghost’s many projects was the Cyborg Soldier Project; the project would take ordinary humans, against their will, and alter their bodies, transforming them into cyborg soldiers that would be very destructive. However, when the first cyborgs were created they wanted to escape, after failing several times Black Ghost closed the project. Sixty-years later when the project was re-opened the problem was no different, the cyborgs simply didn’t want to fight. The doctor that worked on the project, after realizing the error of his ways, decided to help the cyborgs escape Black Ghost.

After awakening the last cyborg soldier, 009, the team decided that Black Ghost had to be stopped by any means necessary. Even though their powers were only meant to cause destruction, they will use them to destroy Black Ghost. Their fight won’t be easy the Cyborg Soldier Project is the only weapon; in fact our team isn’t the only cyborgs Black Ghost created. Black Ghost has amassed an army of weapons that can challenge any government on earth without breaking a sweat, but our team is determined.

Although each of them come from different parts of the world, and all have different lifestyles they are united under one common cause. When they realized that they were cyborgs the only thing they could think of was escaping, but soon they realized that it’s bigger than them; they had to stop Black Ghost from hurting innocent people. They’re going to face impossible odds, and will only have each other to lean on. While on their journey each of them will face the past that they once knew, but will have to let that past go, they’re new people now. On their journey they encounter new allies, foes and discover unimaginable things. Black Ghost won’t be easy to take down, it’s going to take everything they’ve got.


*In Numerical Order*

001/ Ivan Whisky
-The first cyborg made in Black Ghost’s Cyborg Soldier Project. Originally from Russia, 001 has been given amazing telepathic powers. He can teleport anyone, as long as they are unconscious; because he’s a baby he can’t verbally talk, but communicates using his psychic powers. Despite his young looks 001 is actually 60 years old; the C.S.P (Cyborg Soldier Project) was put on hold for 60 years and the cyborgs already created were placed in cryogenic stasis. 001 is responsible for awakening 009 and helping him escape Black ghost. 001 is truly powerful and usually is the one to save the team’s rear end when in a tough spot.

002/ Jet Link
-A fellow New Yorker. Jet’s the cocky-I can do it by myself member of the team. *He’s a New Yorker, you can’t blame him* He’s a tough guy on the outside, but has a heart of gold on the inside. He’s the member that prefers to fight first then ask question. It’s best not to get on this guy’s bad side. He has the ability to fly.

003/ Francoise Amoul
-Kidnapped from a dancing school in Paris, 003 is the only girl in group—kinda like the Smurfs. She has the ability to sense things far away, which proves useful when trying to find enemies. 003 doesn’t like fighting and would rather see the situation end without anyone getting hurt. Definitely the foil to 002. She’s very shy, but once you get to know her she’s very friendly.

004/ Albert Heinrich
-His story is that his wife was killed and he was severely injured by some communist. Black Ghost gladly took whatever was left of Albert’s body and replaced all the broken parts with armaments. His kneecap is actually a missile pod and his right-hand a gun. 004 couldn’t get over the fact that his wife was killed and he’s now a cyborg, because of it Black Ghost placed the C.S.P on hold till a later time. When he was reawakened 004 was on more solid ground, and united with the others to take down Black Ghost.

005/ Geronimo Junior
-He’s the first Cyborg created when the C.S.P was re-opened; this time instead of just adding abilities to the cyborg the scientist decided to increase traits already in their subjects. Geronimo was huge and muscular so naturally the scientist at Black Ghost enhanced his strength. Even though he’s strong like an ox, 005 doesn’t like fighting. He’s from a Native American tribe.

006/ Chang Changku
-Made in China, Chang Changku used to be a great chef. The scientist kept that in mind and gave 006 the ability to breathe fire. He’s usually cooking something for the group, but besides that his pyro abilities come in handy when taking on enemies.

007/ Great Britain
-The Brits have always been admired for their contribution to the theater. Great Britain used to be a great actor of the London stage, in London. ^^ 007 has the ability to morph into what ever he wishes, with a touch of his belly button. This makes for funny entrances from this guy. Although this guy is usually seen with a smile on his face he really misses the stage and wishes he could go back.

008/ Pyunma
-Finally 002 has someone that doesn’t mind fighting as the first option. Pyunma was a rebel in his native country of Africa. Black Ghost increased his kick-ass fighting abilities and gave him the ability to breathe under water. Being a freedom fighter he’s ready the take on the injustice that is Black Ghost.

009/ Joe Shimamara
-The final Cyborg in the Cyborg Soldier Project. Joe Shimamara, like 004, didn’t have a nice past. He grew up in orphanage ran by a priest. However, after the priest died, and Joe was blamed for it, he had to run. After an accident Joe fell unconscious. Black Ghost picked him up and began work on the most sophisticated cyborg yet. 009 has the speed of 002, the strength of 005, and the ability to breathe in water like 008. However, like 003 he doesn’t want to fight. He’s the last to join the team, but takes leader position pretty quickly.

Dr. Isasac Gilmore
-Originally brought to Black Ghost by another scientist, Dr. Isasac thought working on such a project was a step in the right direction, but after seeing that his patients weren’t here on their own free will he became disgusted with himself. He decided Black Ghost had to be stop. He helped the Cyborgs (001 through 008) escape from Black Ghost. When 009 joined the team was complete. Dr. Isasac swore to correct his actions and stop Black Ghost form pursuing their plans for increasing global warfare.

Black Ghost
-Although he looks like something out of three year-old’s imagination, Black Ghost isn’t someone to mess with. It seems his weaponry is endless. Black Ghost doesn’t want to rule the world, he wants to make sure countries just keep fighting with each other. Willing to sell weapons to anyone. It’s going to take all the effort of the team to take Black Ghost out.

Story 8.0/9.0
Characters 8.5/9.0
Music 7.5/9.0
Animation 8.0/9.0

The animation is very close to that of Astro Boy, and just like Astro Boy there’s a great story behind it all. The characters if taken at face value don’t seem to have much dept, but if you want series all the way through you’ll begin to see why they are the way they are. @_@ The really cool thing about this series is the fact that the team is composed of so many different personalities that clash together so perfectly. The series is very down to earth and kid appropriate. There isn’t much to keep you hooked on the series though; you’re going to have to keeping watching the series before you actually begin to say, “there’s something going on here,” but Cyborg 009 The Cyborg Soldier is very enjoyable to series to watch. The become something like superheroes ready to answer the call when ever Black Ghost pops his ugly head up somewhere.

By Cherubim


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