Final Fantasy Unlimited

Ok, I have watched up to episode 11 of this series, and since that is about a half way point, i’m going to give a review so far.


Name: Final Fantasy unlimited
Genre: Fantasy/Humour/Drama
number of episodes: 24

Plot = A-
Characters = B+
Music = A
Overall = A

Pre-show premise:
A giant dark pillar appears in the ocean off of Tokyo. Two huge beasts appear out of it, a red one with the head of a gun, and a white one with the head of a sword. They attack each other and both are destroyed. Joe and Marie Hayakawa, a geologist couple, are swallowed into the pillar and end up in a crazy place called the Inner World. They return safely after many adventures.

General Outlook:
Having been forced to see the godawful FF:Crystals anime, i was a tad leery about seeing Unlimited. I was, however, very pleasantly surprised.
It has all the hallmarks of Final Fantasy – a white magic user, a summoner/lone gunman type, a pseudo-convuluted storyline, even chocobos (who have a fondness for chocolate). It has so far been very enjoyable, with the only detraction being the odd mix of CGI in with hand-drawn animation – it looks a bit wrong. CG is used for singular things, such as Kaze’s gun, or the subway, but everything else is hand-drawn.

Decent, very decent. Doesn’t detract from the storyline, and the opening song is very catchy. The best part of the music – the traditional FF fanfare when a fight is won.

The main characters of FF:U are four: two adults and two children (not counting the chocobo). Ai and Yu Hayakawa, the sister and her kid brother, have journeyed into the Inner World to find their parents, who did not return from their previous journey. Along the way they find Lisa, a scantily dressed mage who uses a power called kigenjutsu, or ‘genesis’, to manipulate the earth around her. She is mysterious about her reasons for travelling to the Inner World, and decides to protect Ai and Yu. While wandering thru the inner world, they find a man, sleeping, who cannot remember his name. Solitary and unconversational, they nickname him Kaze. he is the Demon Gunman, the Black WInd (hinthint ‘Kaze’), on a quest to find the Demon Swordsman, the White Cloud. They must battle the minions of the Inner Worlds Overlord, with the help of others along the way like the brilliant engineer Cid and the dauntless Chochobo.

My Thoughts(and spoilers):
So far, i’m happy. It gets ahold of you and is slightly addictive. ^^; i’ll give a full review upon completion.

By Kaitou


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