Flame of Recca

Name: Flame of Recca
Genre: Fighting/Mystical
Number of episodes: 42

Plot = B(varys from Manga, so it has some loose stuff)
Characters = A
Music = B
Overall = B+

General Outlook:
So, seriously. Who dislikes Ninja’s? Thats right NO one. Flame of Recca is the story of a young man, who is obsessed with Ninjas(and he is a pretty good one hiimself). He is also the “king” fighter so to speak at school, much to the anger of the local bully and eventual friend, Domon.(also the tomboy, unrequited love interest Fuko). When he leaps to the help of a young woman one day, he discovers that she has mysterious healing powers, but her kind heart and beauty win him over, and the “ninja” recca, declars him her protector, and her his Hime(princess). Soon he realizes how troubling that is, as a mysteroius person begins to target Recca and his friends, and a evil organization that has its (crooked) eyes set on Hime. Fighting against all this Recca awakens the power within himself, the power to make flame from his hand…and his mystical journey, which started 400 years in the past begins. Chock full of awesome martial arts, fighting, and mystical powers objects, Recca is a much loved Manga, come to life in anime.

Great Music all around. Really catchy begining and ending tunes, done by a group ive come to love in J-rock. The Oystars. The Medlies and other dramatic battles music is pretty average, but the main themes are very cool indeed.(Nanka Shiawase is the opening by the Oystars to give you some example)

Recca is a really cool character. Smart ass, smooth Ninja who knows how to handle life and all its fun and joy.(like outsmarting his foes, and making it to school on time). We see him develop, beyond his simple Ninja obsessed self, into a determined protector of his Hime…and the woman he grows to love. His rivals at first, and friends also develop, as they witness the situations around Recca and are determined to fight on, for friendship(and to prove he didnt leave them behind in ability). Every character has a great interaction with the rest, but the main Focus is on Recca and his Hime(Yanagi) and the troubles resulting. The Villians are also top notch, though it is sad to note that in the manga they were a bit more focused, and near the end some are rather pointless in the anime.

My Thoughts(and spoilers):
Recca was and is, still my first anime love and obsession(hard to tell from my score but i had to be fair). I first saw the beginng 4 episodes of it, nearly 3 and a half years ago, and then wasnt able to see the rest until about 2 and a half years later. And it was in my head the whole time. I searched all over and ate it up like candy when i got it. Ive also started to collect the Manga, and i bought the kick ass import fighting game for Flame of Recca for the GBA(it is the first episode, so covers about the first and second major story arcs of anime, just within Manga). I love Recca, and i hope you do too. Any Q’s at all, just ask.

By Darknight ZO


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