Director: Koichi Mashimo
Screenplay: Kazunori Ito
Art Director: Mari Kawai
Character Design: Toshiya Washida
Producer: Daisuke Yamauchi
Release Date(s):
Volume 1. (In the case of Mai Minase) June 2002
Volume 2. (In the case of Yuki Aihara) September 2002
Volume 3. (In the case of Kyoko Tohno) Decemember 2002
Volume 4. (Trismegistus) March 2003

Episodes: 4
Genre: Sci-Fi
Age: 13up

Series Review:
After the events that dealt with Tusaksa and Mimiru (.Hack//Sign), “The World” is falling into even more chaos. CC Corp seems to losing control of their game, and whatever gave Tusaksa the guardian, and turned Sora into Skeith, has set its eyes onto other things.

That’s where we meet Mai Minase, Mai and her friend Tomanari fell into a coma while playing “The World” and are being rushed to the hospital. Mai eventually comes out of comatose, but her friend still remains in comatose.

Mai meets Junichirou Touoka, a man that wants to find out why the things are happening in the world. He asks Mai if she would assist him in his search for answers, since she’s one of the few that came out of comatose she would be very good ally to have. Mai decides to help him; it might help her find answers to wake her friend who remains in the hospital due to the game.

Together Mai and Touoka begin their journey to unravel the mystery behind the events taking place in the world. However, time is not on their side, “The World” is becoming even more dangerous for players and whatever is affecting the world is now affecting the real world. CC Corp is beginning to become worried that all of this might be assumed to be their fault and is planning on pulling the plug on the game, which consequently would kill all the patients that are in comatose.

Mai and Touoka have got to hurry and uncover what is going on before it’s too late.

Mai Minase
(Main Character in the first DVD) Mai was placed in a comatose state while playing “The World’; however, she was able to come out rather quickly. Junichirou contacts her and asks for help her help, Mai takes Junichirou up on his offer. She doesn’t know much about “The World” as she was only a newbie when she and her classmate, Tomanari, fell into a coma. Mai and Junichirou are going to get to the bottom of what’s going behind in “The World” and try to find a way to save those in a coma from being killed.

Yuki Aihara
(Main character in the second DVD)One of Tomanari online friends, Yuki Aihara was contacted by Junichirou to help him uncover what is happening. While on her way to meet up with Junichirou she gets trapped in a building, due to a blackout caused by the game. Yuki is the stubborn are hard-headed one in the group.

Kyoko Thno
(Main character in the third DVD) Kyoko acts as a communications link between Helba and the rest of the group. Kyoko knows a lot about the Epitaph of Twilight like that it’s the bases for the game, she also knows about the mysterious creator of the game. Yuki is the one that told Junichirou about Kyoko, and that she might be of some use.

Junichirou Tokuoka

Junichirou while working for CC Corp became suspicious of their actions and responsibility for what’s happening inside the game. Junichirou contacted both Mai and Yuki and requested their assistance. He’s determined to get to the bottom of whatever conspiracy is responsible for what’s happening inside and outside “The World”. Junichirou is in a race against time to help those in their comatose before CC Corp pulls the plug. *pun intended*

Story 8.0/9.0
Characters 7.5/8.0
Music 9.0/9.0 “All hail the mighty See-Saw”
Animation 9.0/9.0

Released into four separate volumes as a gift for buying the .hack games, Liminality corresponds to the game; however unlike other .hack series this one takes place outside the game in the real world. This is surprising seeing as how .hack tends to stay away from the real world and usually just concentrates on what’s happening in the game.
Liminality, in terms of animation, characters, music and story is very similar to that of .hack//Sign, which for any hard-core .hack fan you know is a good thing. I’m so happy that See-Saw came in and worked on this one. *starts to cry tears of joy* Like most things regarding Dot Hack you’re always left with more questions than answers, still it’s a pretty good anime. Although the story is a bit mixy at first, because you really have no idea what they are trying to accomplish until the end. Liminality would have been better if it was extended into a full series instead of the four OVAs; however, I must say I am content.
It’s best to be familiar with the general story that is Dot Hack, or else you’ll be pretty confused as to what is going on.
.hack//Liminality however doesn’t offer much to the overall story: .hack//sign, .hack//infection through .hack//quarantine, and .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet. It’s more like a extra dose of brain candy *yum* for die-hard fans.
Here’s the deal, you’ll enjoy Liminality if you like .hack; you’ll find out things about Harold, the creator of the game, and his relationship to what’s happening in “The World”; and discover some interesting things about Aura and ‘her mother’, which might tie up some question that you might have from .hack//sign. That’s about as much of a contribution Liminality gives to the overall story.
If you like watching .hack//sign and are currently playing the video games and enjoy that too, check out Liminality. If you’re still new to the world of .hack I recommend that you leave Liminality until you’re more familiar with the story.

By Cherubim


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