Genre: Mystical/Drama
number of episodes: 26

Plot = A(definately original idea)
Characters = B+
Music = A+
Overall = A

General Outlook:

First off i too was thrown by the odd name, .hack. Among other things, i figured this to be some odd techno/hacker anime. And while there is “technically” that in there, this game is very much a mystical wonderland of fun. Yeah i did say game, because .hack is about the mysteroius MMORPG called ‘The World’ which has swept the world in popularity. the main focus revolves around the odd appareance of strange PC’s, and a mysterious wizard named Tsukasa who cant remeber many things, but finds to his dismay, that he cant log out, and not only that but has some sort of mysterious protector and a gaurdian monster that causes him and the world trouble with its “protectors” the scarlet knights. The story takes off from there, and I mean takes off. Every episode is a nice ride, as were sent to figure out the mystery of whats happening, along with the PC’s who befriend the confused Tsukasa. Very magic and swords, but there is actually not too much action, relying on the drama, and mystery to push the story forward. Full of funny, RPG jokes, and oddly very deep philosophical moments, this is a great anime.

Damn the group See-Saw. They are the group who i have to blame for a AWESOME soundtrack, full of inspiring kick ass vocals, that can make Enya kiss my wizards knob, lol. Also oddly enough most are in english(though it took me 3 episodes to figure that out, listen to enough japanese and anything else sounds foreign, lol), and there is a nice mix of techno beats. The various composed songs not done by see-saw, are also done by the same Composer as Noir, which also has a similar, ass kicking soundtrack. Its a bit annoying that yet another anime i watch has a not only good soundtrack, but an AWESOME-I-MUST-DOWNLOAD soundtrack…uh..which i have, lol. Check it out yourself, a few songs for easy DL, and listen are: “Obsession-main theme, Aura, Fake Wings, Key of the Twilight, and Gentle Twilight.

Well first off, the character design is really nice. They fit in perfect into the odd mystical RPG setting, and all are various classes too boot.(Heavy swordsman, archers, Wizard, sorceress…you’ll see em all). Each character has his own unique PC, but as the series goes on, they come to let more and more of the RL into themselves. You dont even realize that you never learn the name of all the RL characters, you become so attached to their “Worl” persona’s. Tsukasa can be a bit whiny, or annoying at first, but he develops the most, along with the intriquite feelings between him, Mimiru and Subaru two female companions he meets. The PC’s really are the focus of the anime, but i cant say too much for fear of ruining story. i will add, that i love the oddly funny, super deadly, Ninja like character Sora, who aside from being a PK(player killer) spends his time singing odd childhood songs, and making silly noises, and wisecracks no matter what.

Mimiru and Subaru<br>

My Thoughts(and spoilers):
At first, when they actually move to the main story thread, you feel a bit overwhelmed, and happy. You very much get the feeling of playing a similar game and wanting to defeat this quest. The best part is the slow feeling you get as items come into play, and the story evolves, and you see how its shaping, beautiful. Wonderful plot twists. Its end however has the biggest plot twist left open to annoy you, with Sora being turned into a giant weapon of death, and then everyone being dumped from the final field when the hacker Helba trys her last ditch plan. Even worse, is how the horrible hint, that the “real” world Tsukasa(a female, despite her Male PC, which is odd considering the love triangle…) meeting Subaru is fake. How there is that odd, distorting reality, and the sudden voice of the “world” speaking the final lines it repeated from the begining, how it needed him as much as her in this world… Freaky stuff. hopefully the OVA will clear things up, but i watched 2 parts of it, and really im just more confused, lol.

By Darknight ZO


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