Initial D 3rd stage

Name: Initial D 3rd stage, and Special Stage OVA
Genre: Racing/Drama
Number of episodes: OVA is 3 episodes

Plot = A/D
Characters = A/C
Music = A++(as always the music delivers)
Overall = A+/C

General Outlook:
3rd stage the movie picks up right where the second stage of Initial D leaves off. Takumi is nearing graduation, and he still feels as if he needs something to complete him as a racer. Takahashi Ryousoke is putting together his “All Star” team, to compete outside of the Gunma area and he invites Takumi along, to learn about himself, and for Ryousoke to teach him. Great races, and some of the best character development yet. This movie had the big budget needed, to make the Animated scenes JAW dropping experiences. Beautiful in EVERY aspect. The Initial D movie, gives the series a refreshed and heartfelt closing. tying up loose ends and finishing the plots through.
The Special Stage OVA, should be renamed to Mako and Saiyuki’s girls drive. It is entirely fanfare, made inbetween the 3rd stage movie and the second stage to tide fans over until the movie. None of the main or popular characters make and experience, except for Nakazato and Shingo who are the inept male comic relief. There is one good reason for this shameless waste of cells and paint. Showers and nipples. Thats right, the animators had to slip some nudity of the shows most wanted girls in there somewhere. I would mention the plot…but really there isnt one. If you love Mako and Saiyuki, youll enjoy this as a lil romp of fun. If you actually LIKED Initial D for more than the girls who show up 4 times in the whole series anyway….well then youll hate it.

What can I say. Read my first review. The Initial D soundtracks, like always kick ass. They even manage to fit in cool music to the shitty OVA.

Everyone returns to the Third Stage for a indepth character feel and look, as the days idle away until graduation, and the fun times of racing are memories now. New characters are introduced, as the Rival of Bunta and his son show up. The rival spurned by his loss to Bunta years before grooming his son to beat Bunta, or now, Buntas own son. There is also the smug young man, who first dated mogi, and who is the son of the older man Mogi…ahem…spent time with. he is also the punk who takumi decked when he was a freshman. All other old faces show up for the end to a great series
OVA has Mako and Saiyuki…you expected something else aside from T&A and lame “girl” power stereotyped crap?

My Thoughts(and spoilers):

Oh God did i love the Movie, and if its one thing the OVA does good, its tease you. As the last 5 seconds of the OVA, show Takumi racing past our favorite Impact Blue girls, and the screen pauses to say “see you in the movie”.
The opening race scene is incredible. In the first 10 seconds you can see the awesome level of CGI quality this film had. Not too mention the kicking theme of the movie. I loved the way this turned out, i was completely satisfied with the end, the begining and the middle.
The OVA. Seriously, breasts were the best part of that film, and one thing Nakazato does makes me love his character even more. He is attracted to Mako and her large breasts, and instead of warning the girls about the new racers come to challenge them, he stares at her chest until she leaves and all he is able to say is…”breasts…so big…”.
After that turn off the film and be happy. that was all the enjoyment you’ll get.

By Darknight ZO


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