Inuyasha: Affections Touching Across Time

Director: Toshuya Shinohara
Original Story: Rumiko Takahashi
Producer: Michinhiko Suwa, Masou Ueda, Mikihiro Iwata
Art Director: Tsutomu Ishigaki
Art: Hiroki Numura
Running Time: 100 Minutes

Review: *Note: I’m writing this review from the perspective of someone that knows what Inuyasha is already and is familiar with the general story. If you’re totally new to the series–where have you been all this time!–you might be a bit confused.*

Two hundreds years ago Inuyasha’s father stop a powerful demon from invading the country, he sealed a way the demons power. However, when Kagome cracked the jewel shard and scattered the pieces across the country, she awakened the son of the demon, Menomaru. Menomaru is only filled with vengeance at the dog demons and wishes to kill him to avenge his father; however, time beat it to it Inuyasha’s father is already dead. Menomaru has devised a plan to release his family energy that is trapped in their family’s tree of ages. He sends his warriors out to capture the fang of destruction, a fang which the dog demon left to one of his sons’. Menomaru plans on finishing what his father started years ago, totally conquering the world. After realizing that sesshomaru isn’t the one carrying the fan, Menomaru and his two henchwomen set their eyes on Inuyasha.

While Inuyasha doesn’t seem to pose much of a problem for Menomaru his sword, the testsiga, has a seal on it that only allows Inuyasha to harness its power; Menomaru realizes that he can’t use the Testsiga to release the seal on his family’s power, but Menomaru sees that he can use Kagome as bait to lure Inuyasha into doing what he wants. Inuyasha naturally goes to save Kagome, and does exactly what Menomaru needed him to do. Now with Menomaru’s family power released Menomaru seems unstoppable.

Inuyasha is faced with impossible odds. Menomaru’s family power increases with every generation; and it seems that Inuyasha will have to fight this alone, since Kagome has been sent back to her own time. Will Inuyasha find a way to get Kagome to return, and find away to kill Menomaru, and his seemingly never ending power?

*Note: This Character guide will be more on the lines of describing what role the character played in the movie rather than their personalities*

-As brunt as ever. Challenge by Menomaru because he (Inuyasha) is the son of the dog demon that sealed Menomaru’s family energy away 200 isn’t going to inspire Inuyasha to fight, but kidnapping Kagome will do the trick. Inuyasha as always has his moments when he’s really nice and other times when he acts like the dog he is. He’s still as feelings for Kikiyo which get in the way of his relationship with Kagome. Inuyasha really isn’t interested in settling any score his father left unsettled; he’s just after the jewel shards. Unfortunately, he’s going to have to point those ambitions to side and take care of Menomaru ass, and find a way to convince Kagome that she means more to him than just the woman that can spot jewel shards. “Oh Inuyasha when will you ever get a break.”

-Kagome knows she has feelings for Inuyasha, but feels that she won’t ever get anywhere with Inuyasha because he still has feelings for Kikiyo. Kagome begins to question why she’s really even in the feudal era. When forced back into her own time by Kikiyo she’s begins to contemplate the idea that maybe Inuyasha and herself weren’t meant to be.

-His feelings for Sango are becoming more obvious each day, besides the stroking of her behind. ^^ Miroku gets a chance to see first in this movie what would happen to him when the wind tunnel absorbs his body. He’s pushed to the limits with his powers when he fight a demon with the same power as his own.

-While Miroku is constantly bombarding her with love signals, Sango is not the receptive one, on the outside. Kilala, Sango’s mode of transportation and lovable pet, falls under a spell and Sango finds her self fighting against Kilala. Does Sango have the inner strength to attack Kilala even if it means that she might die if she does not.

-Shippo is getting more afraid by the day. He’s usually seen with a lump on his after calling Inuyasha a idiot. Although Shippo is very afraid he’ll sometimes show a hint of bravery, just enough to survive anyway.

-Still holding a grudge against Inuyasha. Kikiyo warns Kagome that she and Inuyasha do not belong together, whether it is testing Kagome strength or honestly telling her to leave, is still a mystery. Kikiyo doesn’t involve herself much with the fact that Menomaru is trying to consume all the souls on earth, even the ones from her own village.


-Menomaru campaign on the country side doesn’t seem to bother Sesshomaru in the least. He knows of Menomaru and his family ancestry, but won’t lift a finger to help to Inuyasha.

-A powerful demon filled with hatred for Inuyasha and his family. He’s already powerful, but seems unbeatable once he fuses with his family’s energy. He’s bent on taking over the world, and it doesn’t seem that he can be defeated.

Story/Plot 8.0/9.0
Characters 8.0/9.0
Music 8.0/9.0
Animation: 8.0/9.0

Although I can’t specifically say where in the series this would take place it’s somewhere after Inuyasha gets the Testsiga the ability to break through barriers. Beyond the main plot, which is the fight against Menomaru, this movie focuses a lot on Inuyasha and Kagome’s relationship; Inuyasha sorta admits he has feelings for her, and so does Kagome. The story is interesting; although the chronology is a bit confusing, but that just might be me. The fight scenes, especially the final fight scene against Menomaru, isn’t any more interesting that any of Inuyasha other battles against demons. The graphics are a bit better than the series that’s currently running on [Adult Swim]. The music is what you would expect from Inuyasha–by now you should know what that is. They really don’t go to far out to say why this is a movie rather than just a mere volume, or mini saga, in the series. It’s a pretty good DVD to watch if you’re a fan of Inuyasha, and if you’re collecting the entire series on DVD.

By Cherubim


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