Inuyasha: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass

Director: Toshuya Shinohara
Original Story: Rumiko Takahashi
Producer: Michinhiko Suwa, Masou Ueda, Mikihiro Iwata
Art Director: Tsutomu Ishigaki
Art: Hiroki Numura
Running Time: 100 Minutes

Inuyasha and the gang while still on trail for Naraku, they stop and seek shelter; it’s that time of the month again and Inuyasha is in his mortal-human form, and is vulnerable. Unfortunately, Naraku takes his chances and seeks him out. The gang tries their best to stall him, but to no avail. Luckily, it’s sunrise and Inuyasha is ready to kill some spiders. After a dramatic battle, Naraku is destroyed; however, never thinking this day would actually come our team is now faced with the hard the question, what do we do now?

With his wind tunnel gone, Miroku leaves to return to his grandfather’s grave. Sango too leaves in search for her brother. It seems our team is back to Inuyasha and Kagome, oh yeah and Shippo, he decides to stick with them as he’s too chicken to go out on his own. Well it’s back to go look for those jewel shards.

However, our team isn’t the only to benefit from Naraku’s death. Kugura and Kanna, especially Kagura, are now free from Naraku’s control. Kagura dreams have come true, but why does Kanna tell her to follow her. Anyway, Kagura follows her. Kanna leads Kagura to shrine in a valley where she meets, Kaguya a celestial being trapped in a mirror. Kaguya offers Kagura her deepest desires if she does Kaguya a favor. Kagura is intrigued, she always wanted her freedom from Naraku, but could she have wanted something more?
Kagura decides to help Kaguya; now Kanna and Kaguya set out on a mission to retrieve five mystical objects that were used as a seal to keep Kaguya inside her mirror.

After a bunch of encounters, which I won’t ruin for you, they collect each item and Kaguya is released. Now Kaguya sets her eye on the celestial robe, which coincidentally is in the hands of Hojo who is traveling with Kagome and Inuyasha.

Kaguya plans on sending the world in eternal darkness, and if she gets her hands on the celestial robe she’ll be almost invincible.

The team, coincidentally, reunites, but this time not to fight Naraku but a new foe of even greater power. Can our team win a battle when even time isn’t on their side. (Sorry for the cliché couldn’t think of anything better Very Happy )


Still consumed with the dream of one day becoming a full demon, Inuyasha is still on the hunt for the sacred jewel shards. With Naraku, seemly, out of the way Inuyasha can concentrate on finding them. Little does Inuyasha know that Kagome loves him as a half breed; will it be let his dream of being a full demon die for Kagome, even when Kaguya offers him the chance to be one?

Still putting up with Inuyasha brashness, Kagome worries about what will happen they find the last jewel shard. What will she do then, she thinks the only reason she returns to the feudal ear is because she needs to collect the jewel shards, which she broke. Will Inuyasha still want her around after he becomes a full demon? Kagome loves Inuyasha as a half demon, but is it enough to keep Inuyasha from becoming one.

With his wind tunnel gone, Miroku doesn’t know what to do with his life now. He’s gotten so use to chasing down Naraku for so long he doesn’t know what do when it’s over. The wind tunnel and Miroku, in a sense, has become one; it’s part of him even though he fought for so long to get rid of it. Also Miroku misses touching Sango’s ass, and is quite happy when he runs into her again. How can anyone ever get enough of the perverted Monk, Miroku? Very Happy

With her vengeance on Naraku seemly carried out, Sango, like Miroku, doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t have use for the jewel shards after all. While she is going visit to surprise Kagome and Inuyasha, Sango runs into Kohaku coincidentally; however Kohaku, her brother, doesn’t remember her at all. Sango naturally brings Kohaku with her, trying to bring back his memory somehow. While Sango is happy to be reunited with her brother, she can’t get the feelings that he can’t remember who she is off her chest.

He’s the only that still remained with Kagome and Inuyasha after Naraku was ‘killed’. Shippo is pretty much the same wimp he always was, although this time he does act a bit braver, but nothing to jump up about. He does call Miroku an idiot quite often, since it’s obvious that Miroku is doing all the wrong to get Sango attention.

Charitable and clumsy, yep, it’s the ancestor of Kagome class mate. Hojo’s family has been entrusted with the celestial robe and clumsy Hojo has been given the duty to throw the celestial robe into the volcano. O_O Let me explain, the Hojo family was told when the full is up the in sky for more than one night, they are to throw the celestial robe into the volcano, to prevent the world from falling into darkness a.k.a don’t like Kaguya get her hands on it.


Sango’s long lost brother, Kohaku has been entrusted with one of the seals that keep Kaguya inside her mirror. However, he isn’t strong enough to defend himself. Luckily his older sister comes in and saves him before he’s hog food, literally; unfortunately for Sango Kohaku has no idea who she is. Kohaku goes with Sango only to try and obtain the relict before it’s too late. Oddly, there seems to be spider symbol, one like the one Naraku carries on his back, on Kohaku’s shoulder, what could his mean?

Finally free of Naraku hold on her, Kagura is finally free; but is this what she really wants. Kanna leads her to the shrine where Kaguya is sealed away, Kaguya promises to give Kagura what she really wants if she helps her.

This is the most I’ve ever seen this demon talk yet. After Naraku is ‘killed’ Kanna leads Kagura to the shine where Kaguya is sealed away; together Kagura and Kanna break the seal on Kagura. Is Kanna free, or has she found a new master to serve?


This half demon is like a cockroach, you just can’t kill this guy. Faked his own death merely to get Kaguya to lower her guard. Naraku has always takes great precautions to keep himself alive, and only seeks to become more powerful. Will he absorbs Kaguya body and gain immortality, let’s hope not for Inuyasha’s sake.

Believes herself to be a celestial being, Kaguya is in denial; merely a powerful demon who, like Naraku, absorbs other demons—and possiby a celestial being—in order to become more powerful. Kaguya, who was sealed away by Miroku’s grandfather many years ago, plans to send the world into perpetual night. She has the power to see and grant anyone’s deepest desires with her mirror. Kaguya, like most full demons, hate half breeds like Inuyasha and Naraku; but Kaguya does fear Naruku, since he plans to absorb her. Will Kaguya desires come true, will the world be frozen in time?

Story/Plot 8.5/9.0
Characters 8.5/9.0
Music 8.5/9.0
Animation 8.5/9.0

This is definitely a better movie compared to the first, Inuyasha: Affections Touching Across Time. The graphics are way better than the series, and better than the first movie. The characters are much more in-dept, the most I’ve ever seen in this series so far. The music is what you’d expect so no surprises there. The story is much more interesting than the first. The interesting to see was how important Naraku is to the team; he was the glue that stuck them together. We got a glance of what would happen if they were to actually kill Naraku.
Unlike the first movie, this one actually looks like a movie. However, because of the story and characters it’s best that you actually know what the series is about and quite familiar with a few characters. Inuyasha the second movie is a great addition to Inuyasha franchise and a great movie if you love Inuyasha.
Oh and thanks to the previews available on the DVD the next movie is got me crossing my fingers, for a quick US release, Inuyasha vs. Sesshomaru. *drools*

By Cherubim


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