Kenshin OVA 1 "Tsuiokuhen"

Name: Rurouni Kenshin OVA 1
Genre: Historical action, swordfighting
Length: 4 part OVA, usually in 2 parts Trust and Betrayal

Plot = A-
Characters = B+
Music = B
Overall = B+

General Outlook:
It is a turbulent time in history. The way of the sword is still strong but the influx of the west has reached the shores of japan. The meiji restoration is fanning its flames and no one will the the same afterwards. When a young orphan is transformed into a master assassin, he takes up his sword to help what he thinks is right. When he tires of this and retires to the countryside, can even he escape unscathed. This prequel delves into the past of the infamous Hittoroki Battousia, and his infamous cross scar.

Great soundtrack. Fitting and memorable this music fits itself well to this series. From tracks such as the March of Wolves and on you will find yourself enjoying the film that much more.

Kenshin Himura, the young man who leaves the teachings of his maser Hiko behind to take an active role in this time of struggle. His training has given him a deadly skill with the sword but is he prepared for the coming era.
Sehjiro Hiko, the master of Kenshin who despite all his teaching could not get through to that idiot child. Watches as his ward leaves to take an active role into the world
Tomoe, the young woman who has suffered through the death of her fiancée and the struggles of this new era. She finds herself thrown into paths with Kenshin.
The Shinsen Gumi, a group trying to stop the overthrow of the emperor and fight the consant struggles of this time.

Fans of Kenshin will love this already, but new members to the series will find things to love as well. Very nice sword action, with intense fighting and drama. The swordplay is nicely done, as well as highlighting a bloody and intense period of civil strife. From the tragedies of his past, to the mistakes of the present, we watch young Kenshin as he fights for the Meiji Restoration and to find himself. Kenshin fans will enjoy the look into the past, everyone else will enjoy the splendid animation, the well done drama, the action and the tragedy.

My thoughts and Spoilers:(highlight)
As much as I hate Kenshin the character, I always did like his former role as the Battousai more, and this appealed to me. Young, brash and full of himself, Kenshin is easily manipulated and abused in this. I especially love the appearances by other characters, like the short but sweet Saito fight, and Hiko in all his glory.

By Darknight ZO


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