Kenshin OVA 2 “Seisouhen”

Name: Rurouni Kenshin OVA “Seisouhen”
Genre: Historical action, swordfighting
Length: 2 part OVA

Plot = C+
Characters = C
Music = A
Overall = B-

General Outlook:
This OVA attempts to be the recap, and end of the Kenshin series. If you are more familiar with the Manga or the series then you will be better off. 15 years after the events of the series the past and present are catching up to Kenshin. Will his and Karou’s love be forever strong in the face of adversity?

Great soundtrack. Sweeping music, on par with the OST to the first OVA.

Kenshin Himura, an aging swordsman. His past has taken his toll on him as his weak body couldn’t handle the Hiten Mitsurugi style and is now showing the price he paid. He is still searching for atonement, but can he find it in time
Kaoru Himura, the faithful wife of Kenshin. She eagerly awaits her husband and sons return, as both have left and been gone for long periods of time. She is suffering from Tuberculosis, but is hanging on to see her Kenshin.
Kenji Himura, the son of Kenshin and Kaoru. He has grown to hate his father for his extended absences from his mother and him. He has decided to train in the Hiten Mitsurugi like his father did, so leaves his mother to train under Hiko.
Yahiko, the young prodigee of Kenshin who receive the reverse blade sword from his master as a coming of age gift. He sets out to return Kenji to his mother
Sanouske, the ol rooster head has been living in China, and startled to find his friend there, he vows to send him home.
Enishi, a young man whose life was destroyed by the Hittoroki in the days before the Meiji restoration. He seeks revenge on Kenshin for killing his sister Tomoe, and for all the other deaths he perpetrated.

This is the end. Make no doubt about it. This OVA ties up and recaps the end of the manga, starting with the end of the Kyoto Arc onwards through the Jinchu (revenge) arc. A major good deal of it, is flashbacks and recaps, and intermingled in this is the rather annoying at times Kaoru and Kenshin love story they are trying to force on you. They could have called it the Kaoru show, as most of the OVA seems to be centered around her, her point of view and her thoughts on the past. All while a dying Kenshin wanders around like a moron. Great animation can only carry this so far. New comers whove seen the first ova and a little of the series or less may enjoy it, as it gives a nice detail into Kenshin. However real fans will be annoyed to no end, as they find ways to mess with everything. From recapping the most inane things(such as one of the first fights in the tv series with the loser ninja who kills himself), to glossing over many others.(WHERE the hell is Saito, Aoshi, Misao and the others?). They take the awesome Jinchu arc and condense it into twenty minutes of annoying garbage. And with all these flashbacks there is only ¼ of realtime movie. Can Kenshin return to Kaoru in time? Not with all these damn flashbacks he cant…

My thoughts and Spoilers:(highlight)
I love this film for one major thing…Killing off Kenshin. Ive always hated that pink kimono wearing lil prick from day one, and that’s harsh I know. He’s the main character, but hey he shoulda stepped up and stopped being such a bitch, took control of his life long ago. As it is, its refreshing to see him dying, because he was too weak to actually master the Hiten Mitsurugi and is dying from his years of using it. His son certainly has grown up to look a lot better than he did as a child in the manga(whoa he was one ugly kid in the manga), and Yahiko has developed so much its amazing. But they did nothing with the others, and turned it into the horrible Kenshin and Kaorou show. He’s dead, its over, at least the OVA gives us that much.

By Darknight ZO


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