Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

Image hosted by Photobucket.comDirector: Hiroyuki Yamaga
Original Story: GAINAX
Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Release Date: April 4th 2002 (Japan), December 16th 2003 (USA DVD release)
Episodes: 13
Age: (Suggested) 17up However my nine year old cousin thought it was funny. O.o


Arumi Asahina and Sasshi Imamiya are best friends, they’ve been best friends as long as they can remember. They both gew up in Osaka; however, the Osaka they knew is suddenly changing. Their once little home is being over run by new development projects. To add to Sasshi worries, he finds out that Arumi is leaving with her family before the next school year starts. This means it’s their last summer together before it’s all over. Lucky for them this summer will be one they never forget. (foreshadowing. Wooo)
The life of Osaka is the Abenobashi Shopping Arcade, and over the years the Arcade came to represent more than just a place to buy things. Many of the familes that own shops and resturants in the Arcade formed a small nit community there. With the presense of change in the air, that community is being threathen. Many of the shops have already closed down and the families moved away. This just messes with the delicate balance that the people of the Abenobashi Shopping Arcade have created since they came here, that balance being the four seals at each corner of the Shopping Arcade. Those seals keep the Arcade in reality and when they are disturbing disaster, or genius comedy, happens, depending of your point of view of course. Unfortunetly for Arumi and Sasshi (lucky for you and me) they are the victims of what happens when develop messes with ancient magic. (Wooooooo)
Suddenly Sasshi and Arumi find themselves not in Abenobashi anymore, well at least not their Abenobashi. It seems they’ve been transported to an alternate Abenobashi where everyone they know is still there just different, and it seems Arumi and Sasshi are the only ones that can tell the difference. They’ve got to get back to their own Abenobashi, before something crazy happens in whatever Abenobashi they are in at the time, like the universe exploding something like that. Their only way out seems to be to find the illusive globin and force it to caste a spell to send them back home. Even though that seems easy enough those globins can be sneaky. And no matter how many times they try the globin always seem to screw the spell up. Will Sasshi and Arumi ever get back to their Abenobashi? Will Arumi’s breast ever develope? Can Mune Mune’s boobs get any bigger? I guess you’ll just have to watch to find out.

Satoshi “Sasshi” Imamiya
Perverted little boy, always after Mune Mune’s milk tanks. XD He’s much into the whole video game/anime genre, which helps when they are in a world that requires a a great soldier.

Arumi Asahina
The voice of some reason in Sasshi’s world. She a bit more shane than Sasshi but still crazy, especially when she get s a fan in her hand.

Ms. Aki
The sweet cross dresser of the Abenobashi Shopping Arcade. Ms. Asushi isn’t a female supermodel beauty, but when she walks in a room all eyes are on her. It’s funny to see exactly what role Ms. Aushi will play in the different Abenobashi’s.

Masayoshi Asahina “Grandpa Masa”
Wise in knowledge and the art of cooking. Grandpa Masa knows the Arcade like the back of his hand, and is being quite stubborn to his son’s request to close up shop and move else where to work in high class resturant.

Mune Mune
You’ve got to love Mune Mune. Obviously made with sex appeal in mind, her boobs have a mind of their own. She’s always looking for the guy that has the mid life crisis, why? Her tripped out-naughty sense of fashion is every straight ten year old dreams.

Sayaka Imamiya
Sayaka is Sasshi’s older sister. She’s considered probably to most “normal” person in her family, although she does have her moments

This middle age man is always lurking around whatever version of the Abenobashi Shopping Arcade Sasshi and Arumi are in. He’s going through a mid life crisis and well can’t seem to like being called “Sir” or “Mister”. Exactly what connection he plays to Arcade and what’s going on is still a mystery.

He looks like he’s a bad ass, but he really isn’t. He runs a small shop in the orginal and all other versions of the Abenobashi Shopping Arcade. Both Sasshi and Arumi are friends with him.

Minor Characters…

Just the parents, which aren’t very interesting besides Papa, with his messed up french accent.

Overall 85/100
Story 80/100
Characters 90/100 Go Mune Mune!
Music 75/100
Animation 85/100


Can anyone say “Acid Trip” 13 times fast, because that’s about as close as you’ll get to accuratcy when discribing Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi each episode. It’s just one good mature laugh after another. Epsiode one was probably the only downer, after that you really see how much nonsense can actually be made into a anime. A lot of the show is just taking stabs at other anime/games and pointing out some of the stupid things they do, for example Episode 3 the Evangellion-parody where everything “special” move has a name; Abenobashi is more of a parody on others than it is a comedy in it’s own right. And don’t get me wrong parodies are hilliarious. The story is pretty broken up, it isn’t fixed on plot and actually getting them home, it’s more of “what world will they reach next”. This is both good and bad, because eventually you’ll have to go home, there are only so many parodies you can do before it gets boring–which might be why it’s only 13 episodes. But if your a person that likes story driven anime this isn’t your cup of tea. The characters are really funny to watch. Although they are always seen in a different “light” their basic qualities are always the same, and it’s too funny to see how they differ. Mune Mune is by far the funniest, her big-bouncing-breast (BBB for short) even kept me entertained for hours, “Look at them bounce” I said to myself. All the characters have their own uniqueness to what makes them so funny. The funniest part is that the characters try to come off as serious, which is another bucket of laughter.
The animation is sweet. Really not rigid and serious (Mune Mune’s breast wouldn’t allow it) but really out there and wacky. Characters really get into a funny positions that well make you wanna cry from laughing. The animation simply just fits the anime, and that’s weirdness. The only some might consider a bit off would be the voices for Arami and Sasshi, they have very southern accents. But after reading the insert-pamphet provided in the DVD it explains why theire voices sound so Texan. Ok so read that.
Many would consider this a tripped out version of the Wizard of Oz: you get lost transported to place that’s not Kanas and have to find the mysterious Wizward that can send you back.
Now lets talk about who’s the target it audiance for this. Hmmm. Lets get some people out of the way. If you like the serious-down to earth-dramatic-theme anime, you’re reading the wrong review. If you are the lets save the world from impending doom-theme anime this isn’t place. However, if you are the how perverted can we get before the censors put a stop to our-theme anime then your in the right place, “welcome.” XD Or if your the I understand world better when I’m drunk person then this is the anime for you too. Magical Shopping Arcade is really out there, outside the box, there is no way to get around it.
You’ll either hate or love it, there is no inbetween. If you love wacky comedies that makes no sense then this is the anime you’d want as a birthday present.

By Cherubim


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