Pokemon: the first movie

Director: Kunihiko Yuyama
Art Director: Katsuyoshi Kanemura
Music Director: Shinji Miyazaki
Released date: October 11, 1999
Released by: Warner Bros.


In a secret Rocket base, Rocket Scientist continue their work on a mysterious project. Recently the came into possesses of a DNA strand from the mysterious pokemon called Mew. Mew is believed to be first pokemon, the pokemon from which all pokemon have derived from. There is no doubt that this is a one of a kind discovery. Rocket Scientist attempt to reconstruct the DNA and create a new and more powerful pokemon. They have been trying for very long and finally their work as produce a sustainable subject. They give this pokemon the name of Mewtwo.
Mewtwo immediately begins to question his existence and his purpose in the world. He decides that he isn’t meant to be a test subject for these scientist. He breaks free and kills all of them and burns down the facility. This is where Mewtwo meets Giovanni.
Giovanni runs Team Rocket but Mewtwo doesn’t know that. Giovanni convinces Mewtwo to go with him, because he will show him what his true purpose and power is. Giovanni sees Mewtwo as an investment into making him even more powerful. Mewtwo agrees to go with Giovanni. Giovanni puts Mewtwo through several test and has him battling over and over. He puts Mewtwo into a suit that limits his psychic powers, so that Giovanni can control him easier. Giovanni even uses Mewtwo in his Gym to defeat trainers without a sweat. Since Mewtwo is a one of a kind pokemon, most trainers don’t know how to battle him. That and his unbelievable amount of psychic energy is too much for most trainers. All the while Mewtwo begins to question whether or not this is destiny. Eventually Mewtwo confronts Giovanni about it. Mewtwo realizes that Giovanni sees him as nothing more than a puppet to do his will. Mewtwo in response unleashes an amazing amount of psychic energy. Freeing himself(?) from Giovanni’s control and fleeing.

Some time later…

Ash, Misty, and Brock and on break from pokemon battles and decides to sit down and enjoy the scenery. Unfortunetly their break doesn’t last long. Ash can’t put down a challenge. Little does he know but his battle is being watched from a far by Mewtwo. Later that day Ash is given an invitation sent by a Pokemon Trainer to attend a very special meeting of talented pokemon trainers. Naturally Ash accepts the invitation. As Ash and company make their way to the docks to board the ship to the island, they are informed by Officer Jenny that due to the storm all trips to the island have been cancelled. Of course any Trainer with a soul sees this as just a challenge they have to surpass. Several trainers get on their pokemon and make their way to the island. Ash, Mist, and Brock hope a ride with some Vikings–who turn out to be Jessie and James. The storm proves to be quite a challenge; however, Ash and his friends make it to the island. Where they are greeted by the Master’s Assistant. They meet up with the other trainers and are all informed that they passed the first test. It seems the storm was a challenge and only the Pokemon Trainers that were strong enough to make it to the island are worthy to battle the Trainer that invited them.

Now things starts to get interested when the Master introduces himself. It turns out Mewtwo is the one who invited everyone to the island. Mewtwo then informs all the trainers of his plan. (Spoiler Alert) He plans to create a storm big enough to wipe out everyone and every thing. And he plans to create clones of all the pokemon on his island and start over a new clones made just of clones. Mewtwo is of course using the same cloning technology that was used to create him. Ironic yes, surprising not really. Mewtwo proceeds to capture all of the Trainers pokemon and send them to the laboratory below. The Trainers fight but seem to be powerless against Mewtwo.

The Trainers then challenge Mewtwo to a battle against his cloned Pokemon. All the trainers lose in a matter of minutes against Mewtwo’s more powerful and enhanced pokemon.

Right before Mewtwo is about to make the final blow Mew shows up. You can imagine Mewtwo’s surprise to see Mew present more less alive. Still Mew’s argument to stop what Mewtwo is going doesn’t change Mewtwo at all. Mewtwo wishes to proves to Mew and all the others that his cloned pokemon, and in the argument meaning himself, are stronger than the non-clones. So he strips them all of their special ability and sends them to battle to the end. Mewtwo then proceeds to battle it out against Mew.

The battle goes on with neither side giving in. Ash decides that this has to stop and that this isn’t the way it’s suppose to be. And he proceeds to put himself right in the middle of the fight. Hoping that he might be able to put an end to the senseless battling.

Main Characters

A man-made pokemon. Mewtwo was created from the DNA of Mew. All Mewtwo wants is to find his purpose, as a clone, in the world. Mewtwo’s power is impressive and equal, if not more so, than Mew’s. Mewtwo’s plan is to wipe out humanity and replace the world with clones. He has the ability to talk telepathically with humans. And took control of Nurse Joy.

A brave Pokemon Trainer from a small town. While Ash might not be as strong as other Trainers he makes up for it in courage and inner strength. Ash tries to get Mewtwo to stop fighting.

One of Ash’s companions. Misty was the gym leader at Cerulean City. She’s one of Ash’s best friends and doesn’t want to see him get hurt.

Another of Ash’s companions. Brock is the first to realize that the missing Nurse Joy looks a lot like the woman on the island. Brock gets distracted by pretty ladies quickly; however, he’ll do anything for his friends.

Nurse Joy
Nurse Joy went missing from the Pokemon Center a while ago. She taken over by Mewtwo’s psychic powers and forced to be his assistant.


Pokemon: The First Movie is still one of my favorite pokemon movies ever. Probably because it was really intense, or at least, more intense that films since. It dealt with some serious issues like science going to far and people being greedy. Also it might be the only pokemon movie where people died–or else it was implied that they died. It was well written and nicely directed. Mewtwo became a character that polarized the audience. Some saw him as a bad guy others saw him as a misunderstood pokemon. And I don’t think we’ve seen that in any pokemon movie since. Also Ash wasting the main character for once.

At it’s debut this movie’s artwork blew my mind away. By today’s standards nothing was really exceptional. The style was really fit for the big screen and really captivated me when I first watched it; however, after it was alright.

Nothing really spectacular here. Definitely an upgrade from the music from the anime series. I looked up some information on this and apparently NSYNC sung a song in the movie. Interesting


Personal Thoughts / Spoilers
You know you’ve watched this or at least was tempted to. It wasn’t bad. There were pokemon battles, nice ones too. It is the more serious of the pokemon movies–of course still appropriate for young viewers.

By Cherubim

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  1. I still watch pokemon :)

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