Name: RahXephon
Genre: Mecha/Drama
number of episodes: 26

Plot = A
Characters = A
Music = A
Overall = A+, The Movie is in production should be finished in Japan by spring, i plan on getting a copy shortly after that.

General Outlook:
As I type this im trying very hard to submerge my Mecha fanboy status, but the truth is even if it was gone, this would be the same no matter what. In fact, you will not even see the main Mech of the series until the 2 episode. You are instead thrown right into the characters lives and confusion as a subsequent attack by “invaders” throws the main character Ayato and his friends into confusion. The series has a very very heavy musical tone. From the names of Mechs, to the functions and actions of characters and mecha themselves. the enemies are called D-1’s and they all have distinct “arias” which identify them. Like any great Mech series, it has awesome detailed mech fights and conflicts, but beyond that is the great characters. In the early episodes, you will not see massive random out of no where Mech battles, instead you have focus on the story and characters as the early confusion is thrust away for the grander image the story plays out. Some technical and lil story parts may catch you at first, and you may be confused at times, but then suddenly an episode later it will all fall into place and click. In fact even through the plot twists at the end, you realize at the back of your mind slowly, as everything falls into place, that this is solid beautiful stuff.

I have yet to snatch a copy of the OST(it sold really quick), but the music for the series is perfectly fit. In a series with such a unique focus on music, it does a perfect job with a mix of “classical” tunes and “old” j-pop tunes.(to represent the older characters versus the young generation) The music is beautifuly crafted and matched to distinct characters and scenes.(from “attacking” arias, to piano melodies played by the characters themselves). As soon as I pick up the OST, ill give a more proper view

The main character Ayato, is a young artist, thrust into a confusing world, guided only by his mysterious friend Mishima Reika.(japanese last names first remember, so Reika is her first name). His mother is cold distant, but still trying to be loving. The characters all develop along the story, as more and more is revealed about them, and their relations to each other.(the growing reasons for Haruka’s like of Ayato). Ayato grows as a young insecure 17 year old, to an accepting man, willing to protect his friends. Superb characters, and bastardly villians. There is not a single “filler” character, as everyone is important and developed. More anime should follow the focus they took.

My Thoughts(and spoilers):
OH MY GOD, did i love the ending. The last few episodes completley blew me away, and as everything fit together i was practically a little squeling school girl. I mean, when everything started fitting together, and when Ayato finally accepted himself with Rah…it was…perfect. Then when they started killing everyone off out of nowhere…wow. But i absolutely loved how at the end, even after Ayato “tuned” the world, things still fit. And that they “explain” the girl in his painting finally.(though i suspected long before) Great great stuff, i was so satisfied with this series it hurts.
I cant wait for the movie as well.

By Cherubim


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