Sakura Taisen: the movie

Name: Sakura Taisen: The movie
Genre: Mecha, Action…Opera?
Length: Average movie length(around an hour and a half, give or take a bit)

Plot = B-
Characters = C
Music = B
Overall = B+

General Outlook:
Ok if you don’t know what Sakura Taisen is…well then we know your not Japanese at least. To start it’s a highly popular Tv series, video games, musicals, etc, etc type of series. In fact just this past year they opened up an entire new Sakura Taisen store in Tokyo to great acclaim.(multiple floors, a lil Sakura Café to drink in, whole works). Think of Mecha meets dating sim and you got a idea in your head that…well will work. At the time of the movie there was 3 games made, and in fact the movies cg was showing off as it was the same to be used in the 4th game. An opera troupe of girls, who secretly defend Tokyo from demons in their steam powered Mecha, can they survive when new msysterys abound that seemingly put them out of a job? Or is their more to be seen in these new events.

Really good, but that’s on average for the series. A lot of vocalization, a lot of typical mood music. If you love and know Taisen you already own enough OST’s and soundtracks im sure.

The young woman of the Hanagami or Flower Troupe are sadly undeveloped and not properly introduced in the film. This is because you should be Japanese and already know who they are. For contents sake ill generalize the group out.
Sakura is the leader, and swordfighter. All around sweet, typical Japanese woman. Then there is the badass, brawling type woman, the small childlike innocent woman, the midderange keeper of peace, the darkpast mysterious sexy woman, and then one we actually are introduced to. Lachette, an American woman(blonde of course) who transfers into the squad. Don’t worry about the characters too much, as the focus is on robots.

This, is a lot like the Nadesico movie(see my other review ^_-) in it’s a big fanservice showing. Made more to cash in on the popularity than anything else, if you’re a fan, youll love it. If you don’t know who half these people are, well you at least can like it, though I doubt youll get much past that. As far as Mechas go its pretty average. Typical, evil badguy comes to town, we must save the city and defeat him philosophy combined with overcoming new odds, and sticking together as a team and friends through adversity. Not horrible, but not good. Leaves a lot of things unanswered or not even questioned, like who the main villain was, and or why he even cared enough to do the deed. But it has action, is generally well rounded and pleasing to the eye. Aside from the fact that it turns into a random Opera at the end(and i mean literally, the girls put on a random Opera), its fairly decent. Ive seen the film 3 times now, and I still have NO idea why they do the opera at the end. But its pretty, its some good vocalization, and well why the hell not have an opera end it all. Not everyday you see an anime end like that.

My thoughts and Spoilers:
Im not a huge fan of the series, but my friend got heavily into it, and as a result sorta half sucked me into it. I first saw this film on 35mm, bigscreen and it was awesome. The visuals were great, the story was ok(im a veteran mecha fan, im used to worse story devices), and I had my friend feeding me all kinds of info on the background, characters, etc. (like the reason the captain is out of town in paris, is because of something from one of the previous games). Youd be well advised to get a friend like that, it may make it that much more enjoyable.

By Darknight ZO


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