Star Ocean EX

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Adventure, Comedy
Episodes: 26 (called “Navigations” in the series)
Distributor: Geneon Entertainment (2001)

(this review contains NO spoilers)

Brief Review & Overview:
This short-lived series was released only in Japan. The anime is based off of the Star Ocean: The Second Story (SO2) video game for the original PlayStation (released in the USA in 1999). All of the main characters from the video game have come to make an appearance in this series. The story is pretty much the same. Claude, the main character, is part of his father’s crew on the battleship Calnus. Claude looks up to his father, who is the captain of Calnus, with the utmost respect. During an assignment where the crew was to investigate a mysterious energy source from an unknown planet, Claude wanders off. Trying to prove his worth to his father, he attempts to investigate a strange apparatus by himself. All of a sudden, he is unable to act and vanishes in front of his father’s eyes. He then finds himself in a strange and different land, cut off from any contact with his father and his crew.

As he tries to collect his thoughts on where he is, Claude hears the cry of a young girl. As he rushes to the scene, he finds a girl being attacked by a monster. Equipped with only a phase gun, he defeats the monster, displaying a bright flash (from the gun). The young girl, Rena, knew of a legend where “a warrior dressed in foreign clothing with a sword of light” would come to rescue the foolish people of this land. Thinking Claude was this “warrior of light”, she rushes him to her village. There Claude admits to not knowing anything about a legendary warrior and explains that he is not of their planet and is lost. He then learns of a series of terrible events that have happened due to the falling of a “Sorcery Globe”. This globe is said to spawn monsters and affect the beings of the land. Hoping to find clues on how to return home, he sets out with the help of Rena to investigate the globe. And from there the adventure starts to formulate and further develop.

Along the way, they meet a number of characters who join them on their quest. As mentioned before, the story is almost identical to that of its video game predecessor. There are, however, some discrepancies between the two, but not enough to alter the main plot and story too much. Die-hard SO2 fans may be borderline on this subject. I, personally, am one that likes things to be 100% precise and I usually look down upon changes, but the main story stays intact. This series also shows a lot more comedy than in the game. A small group of thieves was introduced, which adds even more comedic flavor at times. Ashton especially (who you meet later on) proves to be the comic relief in the adventure. Even his weird obsession for barrels (which always made players wonder in the video game) is illustrated here. The music wasn’t too great, but it wasn’t bad either. The score was composed by Motoi Sakuraba, who also did the music to video game. Most of the time, the music was only really noticeable during comedic scenes, heartfelt moments, or intense sequences. The style of the anime’s music is quite different as well. Star Ocean fans will be happy to know that “Rena’s Theme” is present Smile

Characters: (listed left to right)
Claude, Rena, Celine, Ashton, Dias

Precis, Bowman, Opera, Ernest, Leon

01. Navigation 1 Space-Time Transportation
02. Navigation 2 Contact
03. Navigation 3 Demon Stone
04. Navigation 4 Heraldic Sorceress
05. Navigation 5 Kuuhazan
06. Navigation 6 The Two-headed Dragon
07. Navigation 7 Outsider
08. Navigation 8 Tear
09. Navigation 9 Herlie
10. Navigation 10 Ghost Ship
11. Navigation 11 The Inventor Girl
12. Navigation 12 Metox
13. Navigation 13 Stampede
14. Navigation 14 Lacour
15. Navigation 15 Suspicion
16. Navigation 16 Leon
17. Navigation 17 Ruins
18. Navigation 18 Fortress
19. Navigation 19 Loneliness
20. Navigation 20 Hope
21. Navigation 21 Reunion
22. Navigation 22 Friends
23. Navigation 23 Lacour Hope
24. Navigation 24 Mechanical Castle
25. Navigation 25 Energy Stone
26. Navigation 26 Claude

Final Comments:
The end of this anime series coincides with the end of Disc 1 of its video game counterpart. Sadly, that’s where the anime stopped. It was taken off the air and no other episodes were produced. However, the story does continue, but on drama CDs. If you’ve played and liked the game, then you will most probably enjoy the series. If you’re new to Star Ocean and are interested in this series, prepare to be a bit disappointed– you will never really see the “end” of the story in the anime.

By Dragon627


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