Submarine 707 Revolution (The Movie)

Alternative Title: Submarine 707R
Director: Shoichi Masuo
Original Story: Satoru Ozawa
Screenplay: Hiroshi Ohnogi
Art Director: Hiromasa Ogura
Release Date: November 11 2004 (USA)
Genre: Adventure/ Action
Running Time: 100 minutes

After the terrorist attack that destroyed two naval battle ships on the high seas, executed by a mysterious organization known as the USR the PKN (Peace Keeping Navy) was formed. A gathering of countries whose sole mission is to keep the ocean a safe place to sail upon. While the PKN has had some trouble gathering countries, especially Japan, she has amassed a great fleet of some of the finest ships on the oceans. However, even with hundreds of ships and countless ammunition the PKN doesn’t seem to put up much of a fight against Admiral Red, the leader of the USR, and his ship the UX. After nearly being destroyed by the UX the PKN realize that the Admiral is serious and deadly; however, with their egos running high the PKN still think they can defeat Admiral Red with sheer power. They don’t stand a chance. Twisted Evil

Everyone at PKN seems is more interested in the size of their ships than possessing any actual skills. However, Captain Youkei Hayami and the crew of 707 are true sailors. Although no country is ready is to say that the small ship from Japan can actually pose a threat to Admiral Red. Oh how foolish they are
Captain Hayami might not have a ship as expensive as the American’s Great Guardian, the ship that was supposed to be able to take out the USR single handily, but what he does have are skills. While every other ship around them is being destroyed in a matter of seconds, even the Great Guardian, Captain Hayami and the 707 remain.

Things seem to take a turn for the worse, as all of the other PKN ships have sunk, and Captain Hayami finds himself against a seemly unbeatable foe. Captain Hayami is going to have to push his ship, crew, and himself to the limits to stop Admiral Red from destroying everything.


Captain Youkei Hayami
Captain of the 707, Youkei Hayami, despite his looks, is an amazing and versatile Captain. Meant to represent Japan in the PKN, Captain Hayami and his ship was merely meant to act as a stand-in since Japan had no real intensions of joining; however, this guy is not to be underestimated. Even though his ship is supposed to be nothing compared to the Great Guardian, the Americans ship, the 707 thanks to the Captain Hayami is the only that will remain standing.
He treats his crew pretty civil and is a friendly man to meet, but he really shines when he’s under water and in a sub. He is truly connected to his sub, and mourned the lost of the original 707, but was fill with joy when he saw that he would be the Captain of the new and improved 707. Armed with amazing tactic skills and wit, Captain Youkei Hayami is differently a worthy opponent under the water, although he may not look the part.

Vice Captain Hukucho Nangou

He has served under Captain Hayami for some time now and fully trusts his decisions. Nangou is the one that ask Captain Hayami to return and pilot the new 707 after the destruction of the first one. Like Captain Hayami, Nangou is pretty laid back, although nothing compared to Hayami.

San Suzuki
Can’t tell you much about San, besides the fact that he is absolute gorgeous. He operates the 707’s sonar and is good at what he does. San is the one responsible for finding that Senta had an amazing talent for picking up sounds under water. San recruits Senta to work beside him by the Sonar station aboard the 707. Oh did I mention that he’s absolutely gorgeous. ^^

Senta Unno
Still a kid, but still serving in the military; Senta was originally posted to work in the ship’s kitchen, because of his weight he was unable to pilot a junior: a mini-sub aboard the 707 that has the ability to get into smaller areas, like his other friends. However, because of Senta’s ability to hear things from amazing distances better than any other human her was recruited to work on the ship’s sonar. Although he does enjoy working there he misses the thrill of the kitchen and the fact that he can’t snack on croquettes all day anymore.

Kenji Minahaya
Like Senta he’s pretty young to working with the military; however, Kenji is a good sailor. He pilots one of the two junior aboard the 707 and while he likes to play around underwater, he soon finds out that the under water world isn’t as peaceful as it looks and carries many dangerous risks.

Goro Kusaka
The 707’s second pilot for their junior sub. Goro Kusaka is very similar to Kenji as the both travel the deep sea learning new things about it as they continue their journey with Captain Hayami.

Admiral Red
A dangerous man in the seas, Admiral of the USR fleet and Captain of the UX, Admiral Red seems to be unstoppable. Determine to rid the seas of humans that only waste it he’s going to take down the PKN piece by piece. Equally decisive as Captain Hayami, Admiral seems to be un matched in the murky waters. Admiral Red plans to destroy the Apollo-Norm was put on hold by Captain Hayami, ever since Admiral Red has had a vendetta against Captain Hayami and the 707. Exactly what are his motives is still a mystery to the world.

Story 7.0/9.0
Characters 7.0/9.0
Music 9.0/9.0
Animation 9.0/9.0

This anime had the potential to be the next Blue Submarine No.6; however, Submarine 707R lacks story and character depth. It turns out that this isn’t a movie, per se, but rather two OVAs, and to add to that surprise there is no series to this.
Unlike Blue Submarine No. 6, where you also start off in a world covered in dangerous waters, but a story unfolds as the movie progresses, Submarine 707R does not. At the end of the movie you still won’t have any idea why USR and Admiral Red are attacking the ships of other nations. That’s not the only place where this ‘movie’ leaves plot holes though. There is also the fact that the characters aboard the 707 have no introduction, but are rather just thrown in there. This ‘movie’ does a horrible job of telling a story, as it just jumps from train of thought into an entirely different one. There are so many plot holes in this ‘movie’ it’s beginning to look more like Swiss-cheese.
It hurts me to say this because if you do go out and buy this movie, with I suggest you do if you like to see an amazing submarine battle, you too would realize that this possessed to much more potential than they gave you. The movie did end on a cliff-hanger which means I’m crossing my fingers that they might pick this pack up and do it correctly this time, and fill up all the plot holes the made in this one.
Submarine 707R was the verge of becoming the next Blue Submarine No. 6 it had everything they needed to make it a great movie; however for reasons unknown they decided to screw it up. >.<
The anime ‘movie’ is adapted from a manga so I guess if really wanted some background information I could go out and buy that, but I shouldn’t have too. I really hope the come up with another OVA for this, it could have been so much better.
If you like good submarine battles, amazing animation and is willing to sacrifice story and dept you will like this anime; however if can’t stand a anime that doesn’t have a good story I suggest you skip this one and move on to better things like Blue Submarine No. 6.

By Cherubim


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