Tenchi Muyo

Name: Tenchi Muyo
Genre: Comedy, romance, action, drama, etc, etc. (its Tenchi)
Number of episodes: 13,26, and 26(thats 3 seperate series)
Tenchi Muyo(really a 2 part ova all together 13 episodes)
Tenchi Universe, and Tenchi in Tokyo

Plot = A, B-,C+
Characters = A,B,B
Music = B+, B-,B-
Overall = A, B+, C
Just for clarification thats in order listed, so Tenchi OVA, Universe, and then Tokyo respectively

General Outlook:
Well, what happens to the poor average joe who suddenly has his world turned upside down? Tenchi Masaki learns this lesson rather quickly when his simple life is torn to peices when he releases demons, incites intense battles between females vying for his love, and oh yeah, finds out hes descended from royalty. Not any royal family though, nah, just the one that happens to rule the universe(or most of it) at the moment. Throw into Tenchi Masaki’s life a amusing grandfather and dad who rib him nonstop, 6 and some change girls who find themselves not only in love with him, but living all under the same roof, and at attention for his love as well. Past the OVA we get a new take on that “simple” plot/story in Universe. Some characters change slightly, some show up new, others not at all. Universe is more slapstick and comedy themed overall with more focus on the Jurai(the royal family) factor in the story. Tokyo however drops the past formula for the same ol characters in a completely new story. All the girls are still there(for one reason or another) and its now been two years. Tenchi ventures off to school in Tokyo to learn(and to get away from his hectic life in the country with the girls). The plot revolves around the new romance that emerges with Sakuya, another student at Tenchi’s school. Oddly some force is trying to break apart Tenchi and his bonds to the girls(who pop on in thanks to a dimensional wormhole linking his apartment room with the ceiling in the country house living room). It’s a lil on the Sailormoonish type side. With the typical “monster” or threat of the episode to deal with, and a mysterious never seen powerful figure behind it all, with crystals and other evil powers at her disposal. Art style changes between all 3 sometimes subtely and sometimes drastic, its taste afterall. Some find it an improvement perhaps, while most(majority of fans and watchers) find the OVA to contain, well the best of everything.

Typical overall. The music to the OVA is catchy with its addictiveness of opening and ending themese(and cuteness). The other’s have similar, ok, run of the mill music as well. Nothing to write home about overall, the music while good, is not standout. You may find yourself humming the end theme, but prolly nothing else will come to mind after watching.

Tenchi Masaki- Average joe, student, preist in training at his family’s shrine in the country where he lives. Nothing ever happens to him, until it all happens at once, much to his dismay. He is a member of the royal family of Jurai through his grandfather, he displays secret powers and ability, and he suddenly becomes the “keeper” more or less of a number of stranded or otherwise remaining behind crew of females. Sadly this lil buddy has no skipper to help him keep order, as his grandfather or dad are just as often in on the jokes than anything else.
Ryoko- Originally a demon sealed by Yosho Masaki(tenchis grandad) at the family shrine. A beautiful female of about 17 when she is released. Originally trys to kill Tenchi which brings about the introduction of Ayeka. She took the form of a space pirate who is wanted all over the galaxy mostly. Was “created” by Washu, along with Ryo-ohki, her spaceship/pet of sorts.
Ayeka- The crowned princess of Jurai, she has been searching for her lost love and betrothed Yosho, who also happens to be her like half brother.(so thats why he left) She shows up when Ryoko is attacking Tenchi, and after her investigations she slowly falls for Tenchi(which is like her Nephew or something*shudder* damn royal familys). She along with Ryoko are the lead loves and females in Tenchi’s life, and the bitterest of rivals.
Sasami- Ayeka’s little sister, and the second crowned princess of Jurai. She also happens to be one hell of a cook, and oh yeah dead. Well kinda. She was revived because she died nearby a sacred tree the royal family uses to power their weapons, life, etc. She has a mark on her forehead now, and when she grows older she will eventually merge with the spirit of the Tree.(Tsunami) Finds Ryo-oki adorable, and even though its Ryoko’s pet, it spends all its time with her. She also loves Tenchi(of course)
Washu- Washu is the greatest genuis the galaxy has ever seen. She was also imprisoned like Ryoko in the shrine because she was mistaken as a witch or some evil being. Since she made ryoko she thinks of herself as her mom. She happens to be one of the 3 goddesses currently at odds with each other and the universe. She falls for Tenchi as well, and loves it when she is called Washu-chan, or Lil Washu. Her gadgets lead to all kinds of trouble.
Mihoshi and Kiyone- Galaxy Police at their best/worst. Mishoshi is cute, loveable, and completely out of luck or aim. Kiyone is the most reliable cop in the galaxy, and only the two of them together can seem to work out at all.(with Mihoshi screweing up Kiyone working past it, Kiyone catching bad guys and Mihoshi releasing them again). They crashland(literally, Mishoshi was driving and she always forgets the gas) near Tenchi and stay with him despite their work schedule. Mishoshi falls for him, but Kiyone keeps him more as a friend being the one girl who isnt jumping after him 24/7.
Sakuya- Only in Tenchi in Tokyo do we find Sakuya. The shy, seemingly every bit as normal as Tenchi girl next door.(and we all know how normal she is). Is cofused by her love for Tenchi, and the feelings overall as they grow. Confused more by the other girls constant interuptions, attacks, etc.
There are more of course, the resident evil villians, the kings and queens of galactic empires(paying a visit to their great grandson or so and to see how he treats the girls), monsters, godesses, etc. But these are the main femme fatales which drive Tenchi’s story.

My Thoughts(and spoilers/other info):
Tenchi Muyo was originally used as a name because it means heaven and earth, no need for. However it was found that putting the words together made the translation of “This side up” which the fans and others have found fitting as Tenchi’s life is all topsy turvy. No matter how it works, its all amusing. You may like one of the series, you may like them all but i will find it hard to beleive if you dislike all of it. There is something for everyone here.
Also of note, as mentioned the OVA is in two parts something like 1-7 episodes part one, 8-13 part 2. Thusly the new OVA(announced a time ago) is part 3. Dont fret, the ova is usually sold all in one box set with all the 2 parts and bonus discs full of info and other fun. The spinoff show coinciding with that is the Galaxy Police series. Which stars the Galaxy police force from Mihoshi and KIyone fame, but it takes place 10 years before the events of the other Tenchis, aka hes like 8 or something.

By Darknight ZO


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