Violence Jack

Genre: Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi
What’s in it?: Gore, Sex, Naked People, Guns, Gore, Gore and some more Sex and Naked People thrown in for good fun!

This review is just a quick look at the series, and might not be the best indication of how good (or bad) it really is.

Violence Jack, other than providing one of the best cheesy dub lines ever (“I’m Violence. Violence Jack.”), is a very appropriate title to this Nagai Go series. A series of shorts following a really beefy guy that got dug up in the ruins of post-apocalypse Tokyo, Violence Jack is thin on plot, thinner on logic, and (surprise, surprise) very, very violent. From various forms of torture to man’s inhumanity against man to a showdown between Jack and another big, bad dude that was so bloody the entire thing was rendered in sketchy line drawings on an entirely red background, this is one series that won’t disappoint gore fans. From my point of view, though, it doesn’t live up to Nagai Go’s reputation, or even the sadistic fun of your run-of-the-mill splatterfest movie; most of the violence was brutal and nasty, rather than spectacular and gory, aiming mostly for shock value. Still, although it made for a really bad plotline, the gaping logic holes and downright silly situations could provide some fun to hecklers; things like the fact that Tokyo was apparently destroyed in a massive earthquake, but everywhere else Jack goes is a Mad Max-esque hell too, and Jack’s combat style of standing in one place letting the bad guys shoot him for about fifteen minutes. (If you’re wondering, he proceeds to bleed for a while, then comes back a few days later to actually do something other than act as a target.)

All in all, I find Violence Jack one difficult series to recommend. There are gore fans out there (you know who you are) who’ll probably get a kick out of it, but this is not among Nagai’s best, or even his most enjoyably bad.

By Raven


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