Wolf's Rain

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Director: Tensai Okamura
Original creator: Keiko Nobumoto
Screenplay: Aya Yoshinaga, Dai Sato, Doko Machida, Miya Asakawa, Tensai Okamura
Character Design: Toshihiro Kawamoto
Art director: Atsushi Morikawa
First Aired: March 24, 2004
Genre: Adventure/ Sci-fi
Episodes: 30 (26 TV episodes plus 4 OVAs)
Age: 13+

Series Review:

The earth is dying, most of the animals are already extinct, and the few that remain are the animals that have adapted to live with humans. Humanity too has taken a major cut in numbers; humans have turned to almost scavengers lumping together in broken down cities sustaining only a meaningless existence. Every life form on earth has basically given up on life and is just trying to survive one more day, for reason they can’t even justify.

A young white wolf awakes in a deadly snow storm, alone; he is driven by the smell of lunar flowers to continue on. He doesn’t know where it’s leading him, but something is telling him that he must. The smell of the flowers leads him to a small city.

While in the city the white wolf, whose name is Kiba, comes across a gang of humans; however, the leader of the gang isn’t human, but rather a wolf in disguise. Wolves have been believed to have gone extinct two-hundreds years ago; however, the wolves are still among us. As for told in the Book of the Moon, wolves will put a spell on humans making them seem like human; however, they would always be in their wolf form. Kiba is infuriated with the fact that the leader of gang, who is a wolf, decided to live with humans. Are we really that bad to live that dogs don’t even want to stay with us?

The other wolf, Tsume, battles it out with Kiba, and soon after leaves. Kiba is unable to understand why a wolf would settle for such a low life. Kiba soon realizes that the city is crawling with wolves in human form. He is soon captured by the police for being a stray and injured.

The reason why so many wolves have decided to make this city their home is because there is the scent of lunar Flowers in the city. Lunar flowers in the form of the Flower Maiden, Cheza. Cheza was created many years ago for purposes most people don’t know. She’s mostly dormant sleeping in her tank, but recently she’s been acting strange. The scientists that monitor her realize that she has a reaction to wolf’s blood. Could Cheza be the scent Kiba is looking for?

Kiba escapes from the pound thanks to the aid of another wolf called Hige. Kiba speaks about paradise, and how wolves are meant to lead the way to paradise; however, it seems he’s the only that takes that legend seriously. The sent of lunar flower coincidentally has left the city.

Kiba and Hige meet up with Tsume and another young wolf, Toboe. While they agree that the city is nothing but a barren wasteland, there’re mixed feelings about looking for paradise. Either way Kiba will continue to follow his nose, to lead him to the flower maiden and to paradise. The others decide to follow all with their own reasons. Will these wolves be the ones to find and open paradise?


Determined only to find paradise, Kiba is a loner, but opens up to the rest of his pack has their journey progresses. He was the only one left in his pack that wasn’t killed; he was raised by a man that died soon later. He doesn’t have many feelings towards other humans. He is ashamed of the wolves that just life live basically to survive and nothing more. Unlike the other wolves he has a special connection to Cheza. Kiba is now following his destiny to open paradise. What role he will he play in it remains a mystery.

He doesn’t really care about finding paradise, but tags along with Kiba because it’s something to do. Usually complaining about the lack of food, Hige isn’t a fighter like Kiba or Tsume. He falls in love with Blue during the middle of the series. Although Hige looks innocent enough he’s hiding something from the rest of the group, what can it be?

The scar on his chest is from when he ran away and left his pack to die, the leader of the pack, after kicking Tsume dog ass, kicked him out of the pack; ever since Tsume has had to fend for himself. He’s given up on finding paradise, like so many of his kind, and thinks of it as only a myth; Tsume only wants to survive. He’s tough on the outside, but only because he had no one else to lean on for so long. He develops a strong relationship with Toboe, who reminds him of a child in his old gang that died in Tsume’s care.

Awww, Toboe is probably the cutest thing I’ve seen. The youngest wolf in the pack, Toboe was raised by elderly lady in the city; he felt first hand how humans can be so cold when he showed a young girl who he really is, and she immediately ran away. Toboe left the city with Tsume. Toboe is really young and has trouble keeping up with the older wolves, and often times will get in nearly killed. As they continue their journey Toboe grows into a truly brave wolf.


Blue originally helped Quent hunt wolves, but she is more than a mere dog. Blue has wolf’s blood following through her, although at first she does try to deny that fact. She loves Quent very much; he’s been the only person she could rely on for such a long time, although she can do it alone she likes the company. When Blue met Hige, she fell in love with him and they form a strong relationship later. Blue will always love Quent even if he discovers her secret that she is part wolf.

A hybrid of both lunar flowers and a human, Cheza shares a connection to wolves, as she gives off the scent the lunar flowers. Created to aid the nobles in their search for paradise, Cheza’s powers are a bit of mystery. She connects with Kiba on a deeper level than she does with any other wolf. Exactly what role Cheza will play in the opening of Paradise remains a mystery.

Cher Degre

Head scientist monitoring Cheza, she becomes so involved in her work that it damages her relationship with Hubb Lebowski. She’s still in love with Hubb, but they are just drifting part; she’s more concerned with the well being of Cheza. When Cheza was kidnapped Cher naturally went to go find her. Although she does love Hubb, her love for her job seems to be placed on a higher priority.

Hubb Lebowski
A detective in the city where Cheza was kidnapped, Hubb was married to Cher, but they separated. All he wants is to live a happy live with his ex-wife. They separated, because Cher paid too much attention to her work than on their relationship. When Cher left the city Hubb left his job in search of her. He’s determined to find her and get back together.

Quent Yaiden
Quent firmly believes in the existence of wolves and will hunt them until his last breathe. Filled with only hatred towards wolves, because he believes they came and killed everyone in his family. Although he does find out that in fact it wasn’t wolves at all; however he cannot come to terms with that, and remains the same old bitter man filled with hatred towards wolves. The only one who seems to befriend him his is dog, blue; however when Quent discovers that Blue too has wolf blood running through her he disown her also.

Probably the most mysterious character in the series, Darcia originally kidnaps Cheza to open a paradise made for himself and his wife that fell sick. Darcia possesses a connection to wolves closer than any other noble, and knows more about Cheza than he lets on. The most mysterious aspect to him is his left-eye, which happens to have an eye-path covering it, it contains unknown. What’s Darica’s real intention for opening his own paradise, and what exactly is he capable of?

Story 9/9
Characters 9/9
Music 8/9
Animation 9/9

Did I love this series. The plot develops as the story goes on; which just makes even better. The characters had dept, and each had a story and some mysterious aspect to them. Over time is character changes and grows from when we first met them, instead of just staying the same way; one of the best characters to watch is little Toboe and see how he grows as a wolf.
The main story focuses on Kiba and Cheza, but there is much more going on in this series, whether it be Cher and Hubb’s relationship, Quent and Blue’s relationship after Quent finds out, or even the possible Tsume and Toboe fling. ^^ There is a very melancholy and gloomy feel to this series and the ending, which I won’t ruin for you, is quite depressing. This series is definitely a tragedy—of the Shakespearian sort, but don’t let that get to you, you’ll love this series no matter what.
This series has everything you’ll be looking for; there’s a great story, the character development is one of the best I’ve seen, the music and animation fits the mood perfectly.
The climax in this anime is really interesting, especially how all the characters end up at the same place coincidentally.
The cool thing about this series’ US release on [Adult Swim] is the fact that [Adult Swim] decided to air the last four episodes, which originally were meant to be an OVA release.
Wolf’s Rain goes down as one of my favorites and hopefully you’ll watch this series and come to same conclusion.

Is anyone else going to name their next dog “Toboe”, besides me. He’s such a cutie ^^

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