MailServe Snow

How good is it? Good enough to warrant the upgrade to Snow Leopard. That might be a bit of a bold statement but if, like me, you have a site that’s been online since the dark ages you’re undoubtedly bombarded with spam, in the thousands per day. MailServe Snow finally brings bayesian spam filtering to the table and it’s a sigh of relief. Combining the new spam filter options with an RBL like Spamhaus and my inbox finally feels calm again, for lack of better words. And I don’t need to keep open at all times to try and filter the junk out. It’s finally all taken care of server side, as it should.

How easy was it to upgrade from MailServe Pro for Leopard? Dead easy. Download, install. Launch the old one, save the config and select deinstall from the menu. Start the new one, load the config and you’re up and running.

I rarely rave about software, but if you have a Mac and want to use it as a mailserver you have to get this. I bought it for Tiger, for Leopard and for Snow Leopard and it’s by far the biggest bang for your buck you can get as you’ll have a fully fledged mailserver up and running in literally minutes.


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