The Guru: Steve Jobs

“Imagine the scenario: a billionaire walks into a mobile phone shop. The sales assistant says, ‘Can I help you?’ but gets the reply ‘Just looking, thank you.’ The man tries a few phones, lifting his glasses to look at the detail of the display. He presses a couple of buttons. He shakes his head…”

For some reason I always love reading stuff about his Steve-ness.
Reality distortion field or not, the guy is interesting. Whether you agree with the way Apple runs the show or not you have to admire Jobs for doing everything his way from start to finish.

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One Response to The Guru: Steve Jobs

  1. A good read.
    Got to admire the business and that everything goes his way, yeah.

    Mobile phones, I just want one that has a long battery life and a cheap abbo, just to have it for emergencies…

    And a bike is sugoi X3!

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