Tim Cook interview with Businessweek

Businessweek has a good interview with Tim Cook, who picked the right time to come out and say a few things. In a time when Apple’s stock is going up and down like a roller coaster because investors and so called analysts are too dumb to recognize a long term plan if it bit them in the arse, we’re left with journalists that don’t understand the tech they’re writing about and jump on every silly rumor that comes along.
So this interview is a breath of fresh air.
There’s some real nuggets in there as well, my favourite has to be this:

We don’t subscribe to the vision that the OS for iPhones and iPads should be the same as Mac. Customers want iOS and Mac OS X to work together seamlessly, not to be the same, but to work together seamlessly.

Maybe now all the tech ‘journalists’ can stfu with their end of the Mac predictions.
And while they’re at it they can stop with the TV box nonsense. They don’t get it.


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