USB drive disconnect when the Mac goes to sleep

Jettison Mac

If you bought a nice USB hard drive for your Mac but it gets disconnected every time your Mac goes to sleep, and it won’t reconnect upon wake, there’s a simple solution for that. I had the same problem with my 2TB Samsung drive and found this neat little program on the App Store called Jettison, which for €1.79 will automatically dismount any drives (and network connection, mounted disks and what not if you so desire) AND remount them again when the computer wakes up. Originally intended for people with portable Macs who quickly need to pack up and go it also works perfectly for people with stubborn USB drives. The app itself is small and unobtrusive, it just adds a little icon to your menubar (and even that can be disabled) and does its work in the background.
Jettison is available through the App Store or directly from the developer’s site.

Hmm, and a little update the next day: while Jettison is perfectly capable of remounting the drive after the Mac’s gone to sleep for a bit, it seems incapable of waking the drive up after a longer nap of a few hours. :/


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