9 new themes!

Hot on the heels of the update are 9 new themes, I strongly suggest having a look at them because some of you (*eyes littlemog*) are using horribly outdated themes that don’t use all of the functionality available in the newer versions of WordPress. All these themes should support for example the new gallery features and built in gravatar support.

7 thoughts on “9 new themes!”

  1. Hehe, also let me know if you don’t understand things or you’re looking for some specific new functionality in terms of widgets or what not.

  2. Hint taken =P

    Gallery features, hmm? Is this the flickr thingamajig or a within-your-blog gallery thing?

    And would that make me horribly antisocial for not using the main gallery? =P

  3. Oh the irony. Actually you’re looking at a gallery feature right now. I just uploaded a bunch of screenshots and WP automagically generates the thumbnails and what not, you just click on insert gallery wherever you want the piccies to show up in your post and there you go. Want another gallery? Make another post, or page.
    And the beauty is that when you click on the thumbnail you go to a separate post with the big (or full) version and people can leave comments on each individual picture.
    As to whether you want to use this or the main gallery, that’s up to you. I use both depending on what it’s for. :)

  4. Oooh, I didn’t see you could comment on the individual ones. I thought there was a ‘create gallery’ option or plugin I couldn’t find :P

  5. Nope, standard functionality of the new WordPress version, but that’s why it’s important that the theme supports it.

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