Massive upgrade

The member blogs have been upgraded and have gone from WordPress MU 2.9.1 to the main WordPress branch, version 3.2.1.
If you come across any errors please let me know. That means you Johnny. :p
There’s so much new I can’t even begin to mention it all, do note that most of our themes are old (and then some) so if you want to see all the new goodies you’ll have to switch to one of the new themes, like Twenty Eleven or Twenty Ten!


Seeing as I’m currently cleaning up a lot around here, give me a shout if you want to keep your blog.
Most haven’t been posted on since the dawn of the internet, so unless you reply here it WILL be deleted whenever I get around to it.

Ah yeah, happy new year. ;)


I’ve updated the blogs to version 2.8.2 of WordPress MU a while back. Haven’t heard any complaints so I’m guessing all went well. :D