Kirby dance~

[youtube q6g0pnXdNJ8]
EDIT: March/dance/play of the kirbies added~!

Kirby and Metaknight – Caramelldansen (wiki) has been re-upped =D
[youtube Oz4MU5Umu3o]
A commenter supposed translation:

Dance along with us,
Clap your hands,
Do what we do,
Take a few steps to the left,
Listen and learn,
Don’t miss this chance,
Now that you’re here,
Do the caramel dance!

[youtube oeSoy0Ludo8]
Kirby Dance 2, Kirby and Waddle Doo with sword~!

4 thoughts on “Kirby dance~

  1. I am me (^OO)>

    Kirby is badass, he’s just blissfully oblivious, so seems always happy and goody.

    It’s all about bunnies and gamings here (~oo)~

  2. I do not have multiple personalities or fall under any genre <__ < *Edit* Also one does not need anything (social relational) except moneys. *Edit 2* Entertainment makes me happy -_- Yeah, gives me a buzz. (>-.-)

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