Wii Death (25th May 2008)

*Caves in*

IRC chattings~
[2008:05:25 – 01:10:40] also I think my Wii died O_o
[2008:05:25 – 01:13:19] weird all power socket of that splitter and protector works o_o
[2008:05:25 – 01:13:24] Frozentrout: o.o;
[2008:05:25 – 01:13:32] (lamp plugged in all of them and testingz)
[2008:05:25 – 01:13:39] Wii DEATH~
[2008:05:25 – 01:16:38] * @CommS007 slowly googles o_o
[2008:05:25 – 01:17:17] some people lucky with Wii deaths o_O *copy paste*
[2008:05:25 – 01:17:19] ***lol! Well, here was the solution. Go to mates house and get his Dad to fiddle with fuses, eventually determining the fuse was fine as was the power unit. Then we plugged it in and it worked. Then I came home and it worked again. The moral of the story? Uh, I dunno***
[2008:05:25 – 01:25:13] and Nintendo website got a big ass list of what to do o_O and try first
[2008:05:25 – 01:39:57] okay suddenly Wii got a light O_o
[2008:05:25 – 01:40:59] guess what I did o__o
[2008:05:25 – 01:41:15] (Wii works again (>O_o) )
[2008:05:25 – 01:41:40] and like noone is aboutz in ze busy weekendz ~(o.o~)
[2008:05:25 – 01:42:18] I guess Nintendo likes to give everyone the nostalgia feeling o_o
[2008:05:25 – 01:42:40] Frozentrout: you blew into it and jiggled it around like NES?
[2008:05:25 – 01:42:43] There was no dust accumulation, but hey what the heck I tried blowing hard at the fan in back and disc insertion place-ness o_o
[2008:05:25 – 01:42:47] yea o_o
[2008:05:25 – 01:44:17] o_o

So I basically I followed advice 4 (blowing) on Nintendo’s site the last o_o And maybe I shouldn’t keep it running 24/7 in my reasonable hot room~ (Can reach 27°C on hot days) It wasn’t that hot that night, bit stormy and the socket and schtuff went out for everything attached/plugged in there. (So the main new puter and etc.) All sockets seem to work as read in chat paste above.
Yay, for uhmm… reliable nostalgia?

‘Shoppings’ sort of~

Well, I dropped by today at my Game Mania store in Kortrijk, haven’t been there in 5-6 weeks and also didn’t buy anything the last few times. Was searching for ‘sins of a solar empire’ and etc. interesting PC titles. Apparantly it is for now unly USA (>O_o)
And spur of the moment I pre-ordered Kart and Brawl (>o_o) Meaning I must buy a Wii soon… Well, I guess I could send them to someone else (along with the extra “Zelda Windwaker” limited edition with “Zelda Ocarina of Time Master Quest” and CIV IV Complete collection <= also planned way back).
Hmmm, also I haven’t been ‘outside’ (except for class), but that is related to my mood, the dominating psychological perspective and things… Drifting off uhmm (>O_O) So yeah, spending money is bad bad~!
Also ordered Zach and Wiki~! =D Actually if I’m going to get the Wii I need to like spend 800+ euros on console, waggles and games… Already planned way way back o_o