9Lives.be: B.M. wil van downloadlimieten af

“Vincent Van Quickenborne, Belgisch minister van Economie en Innovatie, streeft naar een afschaffing van downloadlimieten in ons Belgenlandje. Dit als reactie op een studie die bewezen heeft dat België slecht scoort op gebied van internettarieven ten opzichte van onze buurlanden.
Als we de lijst bekijken die door Test-Aankoop in een onderzoek is samengesteld die ons de ranking geeft in prijs/kwaliteitsverhouding van internetproviders in Europa, staan Duitsland, Frankrijk en Nederland aan kop. Ook Groot-Brittanië heeft zijn plekje aan de top veroverd. Als we echter kijken waar België zich bevindt op deze lijst, zullen we zowat helemaal onderaan moeten gaan kijken.”

Belgian minister wants to get rid of download limits.
Cause Belgium dropped way down with the tariffs/rates ISPs compared to other EU providers. The Netherlands, France and Germany are on top in the EU.
Well, gee… Of course no one ever heard me whining about this in chat, forums, wherever.

<- Moves about from Belgium and Netherlands often…

‘Shoppings’ sort of~

Well, I dropped by today at my Game Mania store in Kortrijk, haven’t been there in 5-6 weeks and also didn’t buy anything the last few times. Was searching for ‘sins of a solar empire’ and etc. interesting PC titles. Apparantly it is for now unly USA (>O_o)
And spur of the moment I pre-ordered Kart and Brawl (>o_o) Meaning I must buy a Wii soon… Well, I guess I could send them to someone else (along with the extra “Zelda Windwaker” limited edition with “Zelda Ocarina of Time Master Quest” and CIV IV Complete collection <= also planned way back).
Hmmm, also I haven’t been ‘outside’ (except for class), but that is related to my mood, the dominating psychological perspective and things… Drifting off uhmm (>O_O) So yeah, spending money is bad bad~!
Also ordered Zach and Wiki~! =D Actually if I’m going to get the Wii I need to like spend 800+ euros on console, waggles and games… Already planned way way back o_o

Universe at War: Earth Assault

Picked this up yesterday (,haven’t been outside except directly to class for a month), a real-time strategy game developed by Petroglyph and published by Sega. Hooray, Petroglyph, veterans of Westwood Studios~!
Go watch the intro vid at the official site~! Or the 2 other Youtube vids embedded below D=

C&C3 was so disappointing on too many levels… And I crave a good rts game.
(Although bringing back in between cut-scenes and in-game ones were good. Not to mention quite high budgetted… But no real effective world progress by your choice + linear story, no wall building and seemingly pro GDI is moo…)

Wikipedia: Universe at War: Earth Assault
“…also features a number of in-jokes and references to other works: for instance, the Novus Mirabel hero unit uses a mecha of distinctly eastern design and attacks using anime tropes; their jet fighter’s ability Death Bloom is the superweapon from The Last Starfighter; their hackers announce themselves to be “the ghost in their machine” and ask “Would you like to play a game?” There are also more recent sci-fi references and inspirations in the game. For example, the walkers used by the Hierarchy, especially the Defiler, seem to be inspired by the fighting machines of Steven Spielberg’s 2005 adaptation of War of the Worlds. Additionally, the human heroes carry subtle references to Vietnam War films…”
Viktor and Mirabel, Novus hero

  • The mecha hero unit is cool and the Novus flow ability absolutely shibby.
  • And also there is Atlantisness and pyramid-ness as well o__o
  • Humans are a realistic, non faction at the intro campaign. They didn’t stand a chance ~(oo~)
  • They (humans) are just resources for the Hierarchy~! Mwuhua hawhawhaw… Giant walkers are also cool with upgradeable hard points. Walkers are logical… Mobile giant facilities, upgradeable to production or prepared for specific battle, for a planet strip mining race.
  • Much flexibility on all sides.

[youtube fUs5fKu9_8Y]

Good points~

  • Besides the few points mentioned above, the 3 factions are truly unique, walls are definitely not necessary in this game <__< *Sneer at C&C3* D=
  • All seems pretty balanced.
  • While I only got my ‘old puter’ (Pentium IV 2,8) at the current location of which the vid card is also below recommended… It runs pretty good, smooth and still looks gorgeous.
    (Unlike Supreme Commander, the Total Annihilation follow-up, at medium and low settings. Then again you can zoom a lot in and out at Supreme Commander, but even my ‘newest’ puter couldn’t handle too many units there…)
  • It got a scenario, world domination mode for single play.

The downsides?
Ah, I remember, I was a bit upset that it was released for the XBox 360 first.

  • So a lot of online thingies it needs a paid Live account… But luckily really basic things does not need to be paid.
  • Also there are mentions of glitches and or bad game features here and there. Still need to encounter them myself, though. But maybe those were old pre-patch posts.

[youtube R8XdPopBqlQ]