DS Schtuff~

(Updated 2008-05-27)

= Good or fun game =D
= Acceptable to pretty fun =)
= Somewhat less to acceptable =|
= Many disappointments =(
= GASP/Shock/Surprising in a good, bad or a shibby way D=

Combinations of good and lesser symbols usually mean, there can be (quite) annoying factors in the game. But we all get that if you finished the game or get stuck somewhere… Or when the random luck is totally evil…
No symbols means not tried or played enough yet to judge. So little time…

= Neutral opinion on multiplay over Wi-Fi, meaning have not tried yet.
= Pretty good or fun, as long noone or nothing lags~
= Acceptable, fun enough.
= Dissapointing type of play.

Nintendo DS systems: Back up

  • [EUR] Nintendo DS Lite black (Stolen on 28 Feb 2009, restaurant broken in again)
  • [EUR] Nintendo DS Lite white (ltaf = lend to a friend)
  • [USA] Zelda Triforce DS Lite gold

I also did sold a black Nintendo DS Lite, gave away one white in a wallpaper competition and gave a pink one to a friend (Who threw away the star points card D= ).

Games I own: Back up

  • [EUR] Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice
  • [EUR] Advance Wars: Dual Strike
  • [EUR] Advance Wars: Dark Conflict
  • [EUR] Age of Empires: The Age of Kings (ltaf)
  • [EUR] Animal Crossing: Wild World (ltaf)
  • [EUR] Another Code: Two Memories
  • [EUR] Bomberman (ltaf)
  • [EUR] Bomberman Land Touch! (ltaf)
  • [EUR] Bomberman Story DS
  • [EUR] Bubble Bobble Double Shot (ltaf)
  • [EUR] Bubble Bobble Revolution (ltaf)
  • [EUR] Children of Mana (ltaf)
  • [EUR] Contact
  • [EUR] Diddy Kong Racing DS
  • [EUR] Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber
  • [EUR] Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? (ltaf)
  • [EUR] Drawn to Life
  • [EUR] Heroes of Mana
  • [EUR] Kirby Mouse Attack
  • [EUR] Lost Magic (ltaf)
  • [EUR] Magical Starsign
  • [EUR] Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
  • [EUR] Mario Kart DS
  • [EUR] Mario Kart DS (ltaf)
  • [EUR] Mario Kart DS (ltaf)
  • [EUR] Mario Party DS
  • [EUR] Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis
  • [EUR] Meteos
  • [EUR] Metroid Prime: Hunters
  • [EUR] Mr. DRILLER: Drill Spirits
  • [EUR] Naruto: Ninja Council, European version
  • [EUR] New Super Mario Bros.
  • [EUR] Nintendo DS Lite Web Browser
  • [EUR] Orcs & Elves
  • [EUR] Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
  • [EUR] Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All (ltaf)
  • [EUR] Project Rub
  • [EUR] Puzzle League DS
  • [EUR] Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
  • [EUR] SimCity DS
  • [EUR] Sonic Rush Adventure
  • [EUR] Spectrobes
  • [EUR] Star Trek: Tactical Assault
  • [EUR] Super Mario 64 DS (ltaf)
  • [EUR] Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll
  • [EUR] Super Princess Peach
  • [EUR] Tao’s Adventure: Curse of the Demon Seal
  • [EUR] Tenchu: Dark Secret
  • [EUR] Tetris DS
  • [EUR] The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night
  • [EUR] The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (ltaf)
  • [EUR] The Rub Rabbits!
  • [EUR] The World Ends With You
  • [EUR] Yoshi’s Island DS
  • [EUR] Worms: Open Warfare 2
  • [USA] Nanostray
  • [USA] The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Games I want to buy: Back up

  • [EUR] 25/11/2005 Kirby: Power Paintbrush
  • [EUR] 06/05/2005 Yoshi Touch & Go
  • [EUR] 07/07/2006 Electroplankton
  • [EUR] 17/11/2006 Eragon
  • [EUR] 01/26/2007 Actionloop
  • [EUR] 25/05/2007 Custom Robo Arena
  • [EUR] 01/04/2007 Lunar Knights
  • [EUR] 16/02/2007 Mario Slam Basketball
  • [EUR] Q3 2007 Panzer Tactics DS
  • [EUR] 11/05/2007 Picross DS
  • [EUR] TBA (USA 11/13/2007) Contra 4
  • [EUR] TBA (USA 02/10/2008) Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Maybe I should add all them Big Brain academy, (new/extra) brain training, sight and learn a language games to the list…


Games with interesting titles: Back up

  • [USA] — Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution
  • [USA] — Eco Creatures: Save the Forest

Black and White creatures (USA) was canceled D=

4 thoughts on “DS Schtuff~

  1. Mario Party DS is quite fun but very frustrating because the game can do a complete 180 at another player’s roll of the dice. Puzzle Quest is brilliant in my opinion.

    What is Phoenix Wright about?

  2. Yes with the mario party games there are so many sneak steal victory conditions~
    Good/massive fun on the cube.

    Dunno how snacking and playing on the DS would work out… Cause that’s what we did when playing mario party on the cube.

    Phoenix Wright be cool, a lil bit “csi” and ofcourse being a defense attorney.
    Good story, 2nd part is a bit gasp/shocking/weird but hey it’s japanese, eh D=

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