Kirby dance~

[youtube q6g0pnXdNJ8]
EDIT: March/dance/play of the kirbies added~!

Kirby and Metaknight – Caramelldansen (wiki) has been re-upped =D
[youtube Oz4MU5Umu3o]
A commenter supposed translation:

Dance along with us,
Clap your hands,
Do what we do,
Take a few steps to the left,
Listen and learn,
Don’t miss this chance,
Now that you’re here,
Do the caramel dance!

[youtube oeSoy0Ludo8]
Kirby Dance 2, Kirby and Waddle Doo with sword~!

Dance~! And Caramelldansen.

Also Kirby.

Wanted to share a Kirby Caramelldansen (wiki) for quite some days, but unfortunately… “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.”
What could it have been infringing? Loads other vids use the karamell dansen remix and it was only kirby and meta knight “dancing”.
It also had a cute Kirby unmasking Meta and in the end meta pinching Kirby trying to ‘unmask’ Kirby.

[youtube Lziyu7gn3Q4&NR=1]
Cute Kirbies thanks to VGCats~ D=
[youtube _A9bpoItvqE]
Brawl dansen was spotted while at Kirby dansen.