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18 May



And them 4 chan and their hurr durr

21 Apr

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?(?_? ?)


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12 Oct

Pain: Antidote

(Also mind errors and corrections)

Tony’s got a botfly in his forehead
Jenny’s got a guinea worm in her shoe
Dave’s got leeches,
Mike’s got flu,
Everybody got a parasite,
I’ve got you.

First date: we thought it was great
We drank and we ate.
We stayed up real late.
Next week we hit our peak
Making the bedsprings creak.
And now, one month later.

Tony’s got a botfly in his forehead
Jenny’s got a guinea worm in her shoe
Dave’s got leeches,
Mike’s got flu,
Everybody got a parasite,
I’ve got you.

I guess, thats what I get
For being a jerk instead of cooling my jets
You were a wolf in a sheepskin
Playing for keeps and I lost
And now, twenty years later

Tony’s got a botfly in his forehead
Jenny’s got a guinea worm in her shoe
Dave’s got leeches,
Mike’s got flu,
Everybody got a parasite,
Ive got you.

Ive got you!
Ive got you!

Somebody tell me what to do
Should I try a bit of vinegar?
Has someone got an antidote?
Band-aids, cyanide, hydrogen peroxide,
Rum and coke if nothing else will do
Everybody got a parasite,
I’ve got you.

Tony’s got a botfly in his forehead
Jenny’s got a guinea worm in her shoe
Dave’s got leeches,
Mike’s got flu,
Everybody got a parasite,
Ive got you.

Hehe, silly F~
(Also these were acquired way way back, month-like or so)

12 Oct

Suburban Legends: All The Nights

All The Nights
(Also mind errors and corrections)

I met you once at an emo show
Hit it off well and our friendship did grow
You talked about girls, I told you my past
We’re best friends, but that didn’t last

Well, I don’t know, what you’ve been told
Never called me back, grew so cold
That was when you met those guys
You ignored me then and you told me lies

Cause all of the nights, I sit on my ass, wasting all my time
And I can’t seem to bare, that you don’t care

People ask about you and me
I tell them that it was never meant to be
You became a prick, we grew apart
I shouldn’t have trusted you from the start

Well, time goes by and you grow old
Your deck is full, but you cannot fold
So you’re in a bind and you come to me
Too bad, you won’t get my sympathy

Cause all of the nights, I sit on my ass wasting all my time
And I can’t seem to bare, that you don’t care
… … …
Well, time goes by and you grow old
Your deck is full but you cannot fold
So you’re in a bind and you knock at my door
Well, guess what, man, you’re not my friend anymore~…

… is uhmm sort of slight freedom by the artist to add or stretch of words or couplets (and or add encouragement?) (~o.o)~
Haha, thanks Frout~

28 Apr

Ponderings and “Violent Acres”

I’ve read a few of her articles/entries a while back (year+ ?), find them very interesting, some good points/conclusions and apparently it’s been quite linked/popular again. I stumbled upon it again when someone at the IRC chan linked an article (not linked below). I’ve been gobbling a lot of her articles the past few nights and wish to share and comment a bit on a “few”. Also it has been another trying few days. Got to love (distant) financial and familial “malfactors”…

  • I’d Be Bisexual if Women Weren’t So Goddamn Annoying
    …Unfortunately, they’d all vaguely resemble Barbie with only slightly different hairstyles. Everyone has this mass marketed, watered down, bland form of beauty about them….
    Some might have a good personality? Maybe?
    …Call me crazy, but I like women who look a little different. I like a chick with flaws….
    *Nods* Like e.g. how unfortunate, unrecognisable, less unique Jennifer Grey (after Dirty Dancing) became after a nose job~
  • Dating is Competitive Manipulation
    …The truth is women love to compete with other women. Women want to win men over. They want to be chosen by a man who could have any girl he wants…
    *Nod nod* Something one already has (or by default) is boring… Something that is someone else’s… The grass is greener… (<- maybe not the best saying I could partly recall…) and etc. sayings?
    …I bought myself 2 dozen red roses. I wrote on the card ‘I can’t stop thinking about you.’ Then I placed them in the corner of my room, on top of my entertainment center. My goal was to make sure that they were visible without making it seem like I was purposely trying to draw attention to them…. …snip… What he meant to say was that he’d like to beat the crap out of the mysterious guy who bought me flowers. Figuratively speaking, of course.
    Evil (>o.O) But one’s (other/bad/negative/easily manipulated) emotions needs to be fuelled, I guess.
    …I can usually tell if a relationship is doomed the second I hear a woman putting herself down in front of her boyfriend. Ladies! Constantly referring to yourself as ‘fat’ or ‘stupid’ or ‘worthless’ won’t inspire tenderness from most males. The only thing you’re doing is convincing him that he made a mistake in choosing you. It is no coincidence the second your self confidence evaporated was the same second he developed a wandering eye. You told him you sucked and now he believes you. He’s wondering if he could do better….
    I think I have experienced that… next to spotting it with others.
  • Image is Everything
    …I am ashamed to say that it wasn’t until that exact instant that I became aware of a dynamic that plagued our friendship since the very first day we met. Renee was smart, but I was thin. Renee was hysterical, but I was thin. Renee was talented, but I was thin. Renee was everything I wanted to be, but all those fantastic qualities she possessed were trumped by my size 4 jeans….
    Image is everything. Sight, looks….is the first thing processed in the mind and how one deems/judges someone, no matter how open-minded… One that is fat is easily seen/considered to be less. Might be just social, advertising, appeal or whatever brainwashing, hmph. I guess, it’s hard to get out of the stereotyping if the battle or hill is so steep and with so many condescending eyes on you.
  • Weddings Are Stupid
    …Mr. and Mrs. Tropical Paradise spent $37,000 on their dream wedding. …, she quickly assured me that it was all worth it because she wanted to share the special day with all her friends and family…. …She’s a dance instructor, for God’s sake, A DANCE INSTRUCTOR. $37,000 could have been a pretty sweet down payment on home. Or, if she was really intent on spending all that money in one day, she could have invested in a nice mutual fund. But no. She had to throw it all away on a party…. …Four years later, when the bride and groom finally got divorced, they were still paying it off, too….
    Indeed a sound financial investment is much better than splurging way beyond your means on one day…
    …Do you really want to die without enough money to bury yourself?…
    *Nod..* Dying costs a lot too people… And speaking of costs and money… Remember inheritance is not always a net plus… it can be major debt. e.g. a large patch of land can have a huge unpaid environmental (cleaning) costs…
  • It Takes Two Parents To Raise a Successful, Functioning Child
    …She’s absolutely right, too. In this day and age, men have absolutely zero reproductive rights. If a woman wants a child, she’s going to have a child even if it means poking a hole in a condom. When it comes time to plan a family, a man is not allowed to say “enough is enough” or “we can’t afford it” or “I’m not sure I can be as good a Father if I spread myself too thin” lest he be labeled an insensitive clod….
    Some can be evil or “forget” taking/using contraceptives, I guess… But a guy to have zero rights and is just someone that pays for everything?
    …Women do that every single day when they demand allowance to plan the size of the family without any input whatsoever from their husbands. The double standard is sickening. If a man asks his wife to have more children because he always wanted a large family, he’s a sexist pig. If a woman does it, she’s simply exercising her biological rights. If a man asks his wife if they can limit the size of their family because he’s stressed out enough as it is he’s…a sexist pig. If a woman does it? Duh. She’s exercising her biological rights….
    Those damn sexist men~!
    …Aren’t men allowed to have biological rights of their own? What happened to the idea that it takes two people to say ‘yes’ to parenthood and only one person to say ‘no?’ Where is the man’s ‘Mercy!’ Card?…
    There are many interesting and good points further down the article. Hmmm, maybe men are easily whipped and or satisfied/blinded?
  • A Pedophile Lurking Behind Every Dark Corner
    …For me, I’ve learned that 3 years is length of time the average person can stand to spend time with me. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, but generally, my personal friendships tend to go boom somewhere around the 3 year mark….
    Maybe one have only encountered friends that are only destined for a part of your life or only walk a similar path for a while. Or some just change too much…
    …The Ex-friend in question is a single Mother. I met her before she had her child…back when she was still ambitious and well rounded. Unfortunately, after her progeny arrived, her personality slowly, but surely evaporated. Soon, her kid became her obsession and every single solitary thing she did was done for the good of her daughter…. …My friend was having a proverbial fit over that picture! Why, you ask? Because her daughter happened to be donning a bathing suit when it was taken. And, OH MY FUCKING GOD, what if a nefarious pedophile ends up seeing it? My friend has taken great pains to avoid taking a picture of her daughter in a bathing suit (EVER) in order to protect her from becoming masturbation material. As it turns out, all of her hard work was for naught. The parents of her daughter’s best bud ruined everything with an innocent click of their digital camera….
    Obsessions are scary. Maybe the mother drive is uhmm too over active… Personally I think she (writer) said (mehehe) the right thing… (go read the article till the end :p ) Hopefully the ex-friend will be more sane…
  • Just Say ‘NO’ to Bastard Children
    Parenthood > marriage *nod*
  • The New Definition of a Bastard Child
    Seemingly many people indeed don’t know the true responsibilities, obligations and etc…
  • Most Women are Nothing More Than Wasted Potential
    …One of the friends I told you about earlier actually does have children. She had them later in life, after she had accomplished much of what she set out to do. You should hear her kids talk about her when she’s not around. If someone asks them what Mom does for a living, they tick of her accomplishments on their little fingers, voices literally glowing with pride. Almost always, they end their speech with very determined promises that they are going to be just like her when they grow up.

    I remember being a small child and having people ask me what my Mother did. I would duck my head defensively because my Mother never did much of anything at all. She put on make-up and she dressed pretty, I guessed. But, other than that, she was hardly a conversational piece. I grew up wanting to be her exact opposite.
    *Beams about his mother, grand-mother, youngest aunt*

  • How Feminism Ruined My Sex Life
    Or maybe all them nice guys got a too freakish side and or too dominating/rape/violent fantasies. But a couple should be able to discuss, ask, share fantasies, more passion, interest and etc.
  • Why Don’t Men Have a Birth Control Pill?
    The judical system isn’t justice, just “technique” as my law teacher said. And lawyers need to be grey to be of help to those that deserve it or not… Mothers (often the tenacious ones, the law is about claiming, asking, holding on and keep at it for years…) will always get custody and more. That is how it is for now. Unless one can gather a lot of evidence…
16 Apr

Exams, grades, first semester.

Today, a whole month after the first semester, we had our last exam (BTW). The teach had a little time, finally >.>
BTW in English VAT (Value Added Tax), only A4 level and 80 lt points? and gotten 15/20.
Didn’t read the book or did much, due to illness and work D=
Basis dubbel boekhouden, in English basics double bookkeeping? A1 and 120 lt, gotten a 53/60
Everyone knows the basics (>oo)
Burgelijk, handels en economisch recht, which is in English civil, trade/business and economical law/rights? Only C3 and 80 lt, gotten a 36/40
Was known everyone is able to pass~

Final semester is about Vennootschapsrecht/Company Law, Financiële/Financial algebra and Sociaal Recht / Social Law? (Mostly to do with contracts, rights of employees/employers and etc.~)

Oh well, it is only evening class/lessons and a b1 ~(oo~)

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