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About me (>Oo)

Logtistic! At times…

And pessimistic, you ask?
Very easily and oftenly… I just love to read too much drama, suffering, grey-ness, dark side of things and other things, I guess… Good things mostly and other sides are just considered as “normal”, not too important, does not catches one’s eye or attention. That’s why things may seem so awful at times, I guess…

One thing for sure, I could never be so merciful and forgiving as Kwan Yin.

In general I’m very interested in gaming & anime. General entertainment for the masses as well, I guess. Don’t have much time recently, because of life and work, though. C’est la vie.

Name: Lou Twei Lim, Jeffrey Lou
Nicknames: CommS007, CommSie
Birthdate: Feb 4, 1982
Birthplace: Ayer Tawar, Lumut, Perak, West-Malaysia
Current location: BeNeLux
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5’9
Moosic: CommSie @ last.fm
Righty or Lefty: righty
Religion: Lightly influenced by Buddhism and Taoism.
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius, Water Dog

Seeking some more info?
I was born in West-Malaysia in the province Perak. Of origin I am chinese. Shortly after my birth I could not breathe. No, I did not choke on anything… I have/had a small air pipe and some other complications. That’s the reason for the scar between my clavicles/collarbones. (Not visible in current picture, may still be available in some of my other older blogs, floating about on the web)
I lived in Malaysia till I was 4 years old, I still visit family there in Malaysia~Singapore about every other 2 years and I grew up in the Netherlands.

Languages, you ask?
I can only speak my chinese dialect (kutien/hoochiang¿) semi properly, dutch and english reasonably well, know a very little bit of french and even less German. Why can’t I read or write Mandarin and such, you ask? There are schools and sources everywhere, right? True… Still that’s a choice made by my mother. Basically, it all came down to how humans, especially how most “fellow-asians” abroad and even family are/were. So I’m very biased against other asians, mainly chinese. People in general, as well, but not too much. I will treat you all cordially, but I will be very wary and cautious. I am tempered/moderated, though, because maybe of the fact that most dutch people I have encountered were very supportive, even truly friendly and helpful. You can say, they gave me a little faith in mankind. My best 3 friends in “real” life are 2 dutch people and an Iranian. Most of my good acquaintances are dutch too. Maybe I and we were just very unlucky with encounters with people, but still it does warp your view on things. I do try to be neutral and not too biased, but it’s very hard.

In other news… my grandpa (mother’s side) is Soo Ko Tee. I can tell a lot of things (some atrocities) about my father’s and mother’s side’s siblings and (extended) family. Soo Ko Hoo is his, Soo Ko Tee’s, little brother, if I recall correctly. There is a saying going something like, about: “don’t put out your dirty laundry”, right? Hmph, but people love to read other people’s dramas and sufferings, no?
Hmmm, is Soo Kui Jien his son? Can’t be, right?
Nothing wrong with him or to badmouth about, but isn’t he the person that (co-)hosts… uhmm ugh… Malaysian Idols. Big Brother type shows and all them other reality + grasp for fame things needs to be killed. But hey, a lot of people like it and big interest means lots of money. Money sure talks and move things.

Nicknames (Click to go to the top)

  • CommS007
  • My first nickname online…
    CommS is an abbreviation of Commander Stealth, which is a bit long for a nick, no? A minimum of 8 characters was required and just CommS is too short.. Well, the number 7 was always a favourite number and I like James Bond (Yeah, very original and unique…)
    C&C was one of my first games I played online. I loved the Stealth generators in Tiberian Sun a lot too… And uhmmm I was mediocre in Renegade.
    Sometimes I or others jokingly say it is short for Communist Scum D=
    The nick CommS006 I have only used on a couple occasions and other numbers very scarcely.

  • CommSie
  • A cute evolution of the nickname, I guess…

  • Jeffrey
  • I’m called Jeff(rey) by my old classmates and such too, cause it always had been easier since kindergarten and it’s close to my call/nick name in our dialect (kutien/hoochiang¿). “A-jeck” (an “A” always goes in front when you call someone, sounds a bit like “aah” and quite often afterwards as well…) is how I would write it latinized, forgotten my phonetics… The ck would be very soft. So sort of a “check~!” without hearing and saying the ck.

Aquarius, Water Dog (Click to go to the top)
(written by Theodora Lau***)

  • An intuitive type of Dog, who will be difficult to lead astray. Water gives him more reflective qualities and he will be sympathetic to the views of the opposite side. However, despite his pleasant personality and democratic stance, he does not establish very strong personal bonds to those close to him and is often too liberal where he should be more firm.
    More easygoing than other Dogs, he will tend to be lenient with himself as well as with others, often indulging in self-gratification and adventurous sprees. But because his strong temperament will be toned down by the Water element, this Dog is able to contain his emotions to an admirable degree and will present calm and charming exterior.

    A good counselor, fair judge and legal-minded operator, the Water Dog will be fluid in expressing himself, using psychological approaches that are hard to refuse or refute. He is fated also to have a large circle of friends and his company will be much sought after.

  • Born During the Hours of the Horse – 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    (***Here onwards it is badly translated by me, I lost the English books)
  • A sharp, sunny Dog with electric responses. Never misses a cue and is everyone’s best friend – but don’t ask him to prove it. He will go merrily on his way if you are too imposing! He’s a fair sport, unusually intelligent and smart; It’s a pleasure to know him and be around him. The Horse does make the Dog less fierce in discussions but also less controlled. He can have explosions of anger, but when they are over he will forget them; he doesn’t really harbour any ill will. His fast reflexes and sharp observational skills combined with his sense for fair play are his primairy assets.

  • Aquarius-Dog = Air + Yang Metal (West and East)
  • The very individualistic Dog becomes more adaptive, more accommodating and bolder under influence of the waterbearer. He has a lot of sense of humour and will always offer help and advice when anyone asks for it. When dark clouds amasses, the Aquarius-Dog transforms into a crusader in the true sense of the word. He is blessed with a generous heart: he loves to give. He will never truly feel rooted anywhere, that’s because he never really lingers long enough at any place. He is very tolerant, but he will not have any intimate relations. When he isn’t challenged to come with new idea or spurred for a new cause, there will be a chance he will become indifferent and uninterested. He is always prepared to deepen himself with new subjects and people, which causes occasionally that he will sever old contacts. A very broad-minded person and will never condemn anything if he haven’t tried or experienced it himself.

  • The Dog born in the Spring.
  • Dogs born in the Spring are of nature carefree. They love to work in a team and love it to undertake things in a group. It’s good to give them trust and responsibilities. Spring-Dogs are helpful, social types that watch what is happening in their environment very carefully. They do a lot for family and community. This type of Dog, oftenly have a large circle of friends and lead a busy life, are very notable by their sunny, optimistic outlook on life and their selfless commitment for a good cause. However, when their childhood has lacked enough emotional stability, love and attention, they can become very cynical adults, rejecting changes and mistrusting others. Dogs that have been neglected or mistreated will have a pessimistic outlook on life and will possibly have difficulties to engage a close or intimate relation with others.

The descriptions seems very contradicting, hypocritical and enveloping maybe too much, no? Or are key characteristics pointed out pretty well?

4 Responses to “About me (>Oo)”

  1. 1
    mimme Says:

    cool site m8. Vooral het heerlijke eten 😀

  2. 2
    CommSie Says:

    Hehe, thanks, velen zeggen dat ze altijd honger krijgen, wanneer ik met food posts begin, heb ook nog een 50-tal fotos dat ik nog eens moet bloggen.

  3. 3
    Raven Says:

    And pessimistic, you ask?

    Hmmmm… 🙂 More openly now with the pessimism than about a year or two ago, I reckon.

    And your blog, so dark and gloomy (._. ) *throws rainbows and glitters at it*

  4. 4
    CommieLog » Blog Archive » In Dordrecht for a short day again + updates. Says:

    […] About me (>Oo) […]

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