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The day the whole world went away.


Posted by dragon627 on June 30th, 2009

Thomas the Tank Engine


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Posted by dragon627 on November 6th, 2008

New president.  I do hope he keeps his promises.  We DO need change but I really hope it’s done right.  The last thing we need now is another fuck-up.  On election day morning, the schools (that’s where voting are held) were PACKED.  The lines stretched around blocks and around buildings it was crazy.  Everyone wanted to get their vote in before they went to work.  Other’s just wanted to do it early in the morning and get it over with.  They literally spent hours in line.  My god.  When I left work around 1pm, I went to vote and it only took me about 30 minutes!  The lines were dwindling in numbers by that time.  Then nearing the evening when people were leaving work, they started getting longer again, hehe.

Moving on….    DECEMBER 9th 2008 – THE DARK KNIGHT will be released on Blu-ray and DVD 😀 😀 😀

Speaking of Batman, I have about 3 items on pre-order that should start arriving… late December ~ early January…  *sigh*   I’ll have two high-end collector 6th scale figures and one 6th scale statue.

I’ve been in a FF-nostalgia mood lately.  The last Final Fantasy that I played was FFXII (12) and it was pretty decent.  I need to get a new Nintendo DS so I can play the new version of Final Fantasy IV.  Has anyone here played Final Fantasy III for the DS?  Awesome version of that game!  Well the DS version of FFIV is a remake just like that one.

Hmm… need money…

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Finances are teh suck

Posted by dragon627 on September 28th, 2008

My financial turmoil should be stabilized by November…   o_o   yeah.

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PS3… Xbox360? Grr… PS2

Posted by dragon627 on September 3rd, 2008

I’m a huge Dynasty Warriors fan.  Last year a game called “Warriors Orochi” came out for the PS2.  This game was mixture of the Dynasty Warriors series and the Samurai Warriors series.  It was very popular and added lots of new stuff.  Well, Warriors Orochi 2 is coming out later in September.  When I first heard the news I was ecstatic.  Then I looked at the description a little more… and came across the platforms it was going to be on…

Xbox360… ok.    PS….3?  eh no… PS2.  W… T… F…

I don’t understand.  Dyansty Warriors 6 already hit the PS3… why not Warriors Orochi 2?  Why on latest-generation console Xbox360 and previous-generation console PS2?   It makes no sense.

So for the past few weeks I’ve actually been contemplating on trading out my PS3 for an Xbox360 (btw, I’m a huge fan of Dynasty Warriors).  So I do a little research on the Xbox360.  I discovered that M$ has a thing for death + colors.  With Windows we saw (and continue seeing every now and then) the infamous BSoD.  For the Xbox360 we see the RRoD (Red Ring of Death).  This “RRoD” requires you to call M$ and have them ship you a box for you to ship back to them so they can fix your machine and then they ship it back to you.  Apparently, almost everyone who has owned a 360 has gone thru this happy task at least once (any 360 owners here?)  COME ON!!!  I’m over here hyped up about switching to another popular console with a vast gaming library and if I get it it will have a high chance of fucking up within weeks?!  Jesus fucking christ, I can’t win!

However… the new (hm..) Xbox360’s shipped in early August… supposedly with a redesigned (slightly) motherboard which will prevent or lessen the chances of a RRod.  I’ve also hear that a new chipset will be streamed into the supply that will (or should) reduce the chances of RRoD next to zip.  *sigh*

Maybe I should just upgrade my PS3 to one with backwards compatibility and just buy the PS2 version of Warriors Orochi 2.  🙁

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New Batman Book!

Posted by dragon627 on August 1st, 2008

I don’t know why it took me so long (2 months) but I finally got it.  The Essential Batman Encyclopedia by Robert Greenberger (a former editor for DC Comics) arrived at my doorstep today.  I love it!  Like the name states, it reads just like a real encyclopedia but with everything Batman-related.  From what I’ve skimmed thru, it looks fairly up-to-date (at least as up-to-date as comic-lore can get I suppose).  I already own another Batman  “encyclopedia” (by Michael Fleisher) which is a bit older (1976, lol) but I think together the old and the new compliment each other incredibly well.

Oh yeah, the artwork is also pretty damn nice…

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Posted by dragon627 on July 18th, 2008

After sooooo long, the wait is finally over. I went and saw The Dark Knight earlier this morning (12 midnight). It was not exactly what I expected, but it delivered the goods nevertheless. I was very impressed and Heath Ledger really did portray a very convincing Joker. These movies are definitely getting grittier and darker (as they should). Those familiar with the comics will pick up on a few subtle motifs the film had (e.g., the scene where Batman, Gordon, and Harvey are on the rooftop talking played out almost exactly like the panels of The Long Halloween comics series). It also had little surprises that kept ppl guessing on what was going to happen next. I loved it.

Did I achieve batgasm? Hell fucking yeah.

Now to try and squeeze in a few hours of sleep…

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Daily Life

Posted by dragon627 on July 6th, 2008

Since I arrived from Puerto Rico I realized how much I really miss going there. At first I didn’t want to go back because my grandmother is in the initial stages of Alzheimer’s disease. I was very, very afraid that she wouldn’t recognize me. Being the emotional bitch that I am, I probably would’ve broken down right there and start crying. But she recognized me! She said, “Jorgito!” as soon as she saw me (eh… that means “little Jorge” in spanish, hehe) She really remembered me and I was so happy. However, you could tell that her memory was fading. When we would decide to go to the backyard to sit down in the shade, she would get up and say things like “Where are we going?” or “Where do I go?” And the thing is, she’s lived in that house for over 50 years. I want to go again soon while I still have time -_-…


I have taken July 18, 2008 off from work as a paid vacation day.
I have purchased and obtained my ticket for “The Dark Knight” for the very first showing of the day (12:01 am).
I will be wearing the geek-obligatory Batman t-shirt on that fateful night.
I will purchase the exclusive, limited edition version of “Gotham Knight” this Tuesday, July 08, 2008 which fills the story gap between the two movies.
I will purchase the “The Dark Knight” original motion picture Limited Edition soundtrack next Tuesday, July 15, 2008 (but will not listen until after I watch the movie).
I have watched “Batman Begins” 7 times in the past week in preparation for the new film.

Goddammit… I… am… ready.

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Enjoy the Show!

Posted by dragon627 on June 30th, 2008

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Batman Returns (no pun intended)

Posted by dragon627 on June 26th, 2008

The plane is landing!  Yay!

Well, I flew back up here yesterday at 9:00 in the morning and arrived at around 4:30 pm. All in all, pretty damn good trip. Got to see my grandparents (which was the main reason I went) and had a decent time. However, I’m tired and I had to work today. And I wake up early so I was tired to begin with. I should be back up to speed sometime this weekend when enough sleep is attained x_X…

Good to be back.

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Off to Puerto Rico

Posted by dragon627 on June 16th, 2008

Well, for the rest of the week and some of next week, I’ll be a couple thousand miles away on a little island in the Caribbean. I’ll be visiting my family and (hopefully) just taking it easy. So I probably won’t be in chat, or in messenger or on the forums. I leave tomorrow at approximately 13:30 eastern time.

Batman shall return! Peace!

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