WTF: Ehmmm…

Bloody Rag – “An old piece of rag which smells pretty bad”


Well i mean.. it could just be any random rag that’s old and bloody that just smells bad, but… you know… can’t help but to think of something much more gross specially when you just got done killing a female zombie…

Fuck Yea: Husky

Been working so hard to collect gold to buy a husky off a player and bought 10$ worth of gamble items to try and get it.. Only to get some other pets and loads of useful items. I’m not sure what event it was. But it granded my wish for a husky XD;. I had a giggle fit when i saw this in my Gift Package box. I was only expecting another gamble item in return for the ones i bought (The Try and try again event type stuff).

Cleared out old posts and added a new category. Fuck Yea for those Fuck yea moments.