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Sorry for the lack of updates, mixture of not being bothered to update, life, emotions and mood swings got in the way but I am forcing myself to update this thing because I feel bad leaving it to gather dust. Don’t get me wrong, I love this blog and I’m really thankful X provides one for me without any ad’s and things. That’s part of the reason why I love it, and I cant thank X enough, but at the same time, that’s why I feel bad when I don’t update for long periods of time, I just never really know what to blog about, and when I do get the subject matter, I can never really voice the subject in blog format.

So, from today, I shall Try to blog at least twice a week.

Also, with it nearly coming to 2010, I’m posting “Games, Movies, Music, and events of the decade”, my personal look back at the last decade! It may suck, it may not, only time will tell!

Lord of Summer

I suffer from a mild form of Manic Depression, and I have no shame in admitting this to the world. And often I feel as if my world is full of anarchy and in total chaos.But every now and again, something puts everything in perspective, something that hits me and makes me think “You know, Life isn’t to bad..”

sleepy stitch

And this moment, right now, Is one of them moments where life seems worth it. The weather is nice, the cat’s sunbathing while I type at my laptop. (I’m outside on my Apartments Balcony, my little viewpoint to the huge blue world). and it’s just what I needed.

I Absolutely love the summer, such a fun and interesting time, It’s always such a shame it seems to end all to quickly.

So, As I sit here, I ask of you, one thing, If you wished this one thing, and it happened, right now. what would your perfect, most calming moment be?

While you ponder this thought, I shall post some more pictures while I talk about other things, I’m always a giver!

Been wondering about what to post recently but nothing has come to mind, Shame on me! I know!

IMG_0321 Cat came down last week, had such a lovely time, did everything a stereotypical couple could do, saw a movie, watched the sun go down over the Liverpool Docks while the seagulls whined and the new museum makers clanked there tools against brick. Discussed getting an apartment in about a years time, Really nervous about it but hey, life’s not life without a little risk huh? Really looking forward to it and its kinda driving me to do stuff at the moment, which is always a great thing I assume.

Been drawing a hell of a lot more as of late which is odd, I quit drawing 4 years ago when I fail Art in school, starting to enjoy the practice of putting pencil to paper, where as before, it would cause frustration rather than calming me down. I would throw some pictures up but my scanner wont work with Vista >.<

I also have a wealth of ideas for animation but no idea how about going about it as most wont be able to made in Flash due to its complexity, oh well, I will find a way I guess. I do enjoy animation but my heart is in the filming, oh yes!

sunny stitchI would like you to know, at this moment in time, I have Coffee and Marshmallows, Go on, admit it, you want a marshmallow, Ask me nicely and I shall think about giving you one, as I said before, I’m a giver!

I wanna write a cheesy musical, I also have the idea for it. High School Musical, The Zombie Massacre!!! Love, Soccer, Singing, and BRAINS! It’s also going to be sung from the zombies viewpoint, so they have no idea why the teens are screaming for dear life, all the zombies want is brains, is that to much to ask!?

I think I have ran out of things to say. bummer. Oh well, I guess I should go back to writing something great for next week.


 Blacony View

Silly Animation Idea’s

Since learning how to do very basic flash and very basic stop motion animation (using lego, the shame). I been thinking of odd ideas for animation storys, they should really be two to five miniute shorts, most of them having a plot that doesnt make much sense but should still be entertaining. You lucky lucly people have gotten a chance to peep inside my mind as I’m about to share some of my silly silly ideas.

Clowning Around (OR The Killer Punchline)
Mr and Mrs Smith, but with clowns!

A couple, who are secret assasins, trained by the great ringleader, Bonzo, are forced to to fight each other when they take the same target.
Life² (Life Squared)
A boy accidentially finds that reality is a series of mathamatical equations and accidentially plunges the world into chaos when he accidentally replaces a 1 with a 2 and vice versa.

Grimm Realities
A documentory exploring the seedy underworld of faerie tale showbiz, Wood And Roll star, Pinochio reveals his 13 year addiction to Sawdust, The artist formally known as prince charming reveals after a long string of affairs, has been celebate for 7 years! Also this week, Snow White will tell the dwarfs who’s stayin’, and who’s going home in Snow White’s Love Quest! bonus meterial! Big Bad Wolf goes Vegan!

I have more, but no time to post them now 🙁

Creative Stuff

Well me and two of my friends got so bored we decieded to make our own trading card game XD

Meh, lets just see how it pans out lol.

Demon Cat



Anyway, this is my pet cat, who, as always, I tell people she’s the cat spwan of satan, no one really believes me, but here is pictorial evidence. Most of the day she eats children but she does take time out to save the world from criminal activities, also, she’s the manager of McVitties!
(No photoshop involved btw, this is how the picture developed!)

Job Hunt Fail

The other day i hit the streets of liverpool and tried to bomb as many places of work with a copy of my CV, however, this proved somewhat annoying as most places gave me the polite version of “FUCK OFF” but the biggest let down was at this milkshake store.

The woman working there refuced to take my CV on the grounds I don’t look Unnaccetable, she told he to cut my hair, stand tall and wear a suit.

Now this makes me laugh, because if my hair IS short, its no longer at my shoulders and I only got my hair cut the other week, but I was getting told this by a woman who had tattoo’s all the way up her arm’s full of dragons and naked men with swords, so I pretty much got the feeling she was taking a free jib at me. God I hate people who feel the fact there better than I just because they’re “alternative”!



I really feel like I should make some animation using Flash but I have no ideas. I will ponder on this subject some more and shall act upon it!

Lazy Saturday

Will no doubt be filled with me pottering around and playing guitar hero three and looking like some sad looser. Oh wait, I AM a sad loser, my mistake.

Or I could fill my time and go for a walk in the park next to my apartment but wait, its raining, bummer.


I haven’t updated this thing in ages.

Oh well, hello there!

Well well well

Well, no, I’m not dead it seems, just I have not been available to write a decent blog entry in a while due to life getting in the way (Mental health being greatly unstable the past 2 months, sorting out life, college, friendships and so on, you get the idea, I’m sure!)

Well I’m hoping everyone had a good Christmas period and all.

It’s sort of strange because I don’t know what to say the past few months so there has been no need for a blog, maybe I should just post random stuff for the time being, I dunno, I like reading blogs but when I go to post on my own I just freeze and get writers block, very queer if I may say so.

Oh well, We will see how this pans out!

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