Big In Japan

Tomorrow is the big day: I’ll fly to Japan for the first time in my life! As one might guess, I’m pretty anxious about it all and am nearly starting to count the hours until my departure. I plan to keep this blog updated from Japan and fill it with stories of my journey as well as a lot of nice pictures. At least if I find the time to do it. So stay tuned for the stuff that’s to come 😉

I also added a new page on this blog, called ‘Big In Japan‘ (just like this article – I’m sooo creative :P), where I’ll collect all the articles about my journey in chronological order. So it’s easier to follow me through this trip if you don’t want to read this blog upside down, because the first articles will move down more and more. I hope this’ll help someone. And it should be a great archive for reading all the stories some months later.

Enjoy 🙂

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