8th of March: More sucky weather…

Yesterday it was rainy and cold again, so I was in a bad mood to begin with. I walked through some shopping malls, because you can’t go to many different places under these weather circumstances, but I didn’t felt really well there. Too much noise from announcements, music and the people working there. Nope, not my thing :/

But I bought a chocolate beer! It could be found under the section for White Day presents (A japanese day, that is connected to the Valentine’s day.  Boys give presents to girls, from whom they got presents on Valentine’s day – great idea of the economy xD). An old women warned me not to buy this for my girlfriend, but as I told her I planned to buy this for myself, she was pleased and walked away again. Or maybe she jynx’d me xD

Here it is at last:

Of course I expected this stuff to taste bad from the beginning. Mixing beer and chocolate just doesn’t work, as awesome as these both thing are when they are separated from each other. Awesomeness doesn’t neccessarily add up. After some testing, I knew I had been right with my expectation… it really tasted awful. I can imagine the old women warning every guy there, because this chocolate beer might really destroy relationships xD I’m longing for a real beer… guess I’ll drink some on Wednesday, when we’ll be out with Nozomi’s friends.

And nope, no gaming hall yet 😉

4 thoughts on “8th of March: More sucky weather…

  1. chocolate and beer are really weird combination.
    we had a heavy snow on monday, cant believe that could happen in march grrrrrr

  2. Japan: Violating the good taste since 660 BC 😉 Well, luckily you got some “real” beer since then.

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