10th of March: Beeeeeer! :o

As I didn’t do anything noteworthy yesterday, due to heavy rainfalls, I’ll just skip that day entirely in my descriptions. Instead I’ll tell you about te stuff that I’ve done so far today – this’ll be more interesting 😉

Today I went to the Kirin Beer Park Okayama – one of the Kirin beer breweries in Japan. I had to drive a bit out of the town to get there, but it wasn’t too far. Mantomi station was like 30 minutes away from Omoto, so that’s ok in my book. When I arrived there, it was raining again, but not too heavily. It actually grew heavier on my way to the brewery (and I was going in the wrong direction first xD) – luckily I had taken one of Nozomi’s umbrellas with me.

When I reached the brewery, I was not only the only international visitor (I had expected that), but also the only visitor at all at that time. So I got a private tour through the brewery from Kanako, who was my guide. We talked about te brewery, Kirin beer, Germany, beer in general, drove with the Kirin bus and had a good time. I even got two beer at the end of the tour, but that’s the regular service. Didn’t taste too bad in my opinion. Maybe a little bit too thin, but not that I’d mind much. So, as I have to prepare to go out with Nozomi and two of her friends later, I’ll leave you with a few visual impressions of the trip 😉

Cya next time!

11 thoughts on “10th of March: Beeeeeer! :o

  1. Hopefully Ruth doesn’t think you were flirting. Actually, it looks like you HAD at the Picture with Kanako.
    Seems like it would have been better to take the flesh light on your trip, otherwise I see that it can become dangerous!

  2. du spreizt den kleinen finger beim biertrinken vom glas ab?
    das ist doch keine teetasse! oO

  3. Don’t listen to Schotti, we need more pics of girls! But cute girls, please.

    Btw, chocolate beer? Oh come on…

  4. No, I did neither. but I could give you the address of the factory, so you can go there and check the place out 😉

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